November 26, 2008

Crib Shopping

Well we are approaching 17 weeks and are becoming more and more anxious to finding out what gender our little one is! We can hardly sit around and wait... Today we purchased our crib and custom bedding set! The bedding goes for either gender so we just couldn't wait!!! The crib is the one in the set below. A cherry finish sleigh crib...absolutely beautiful! When we put our bedding set against it, we knew instantly it was the one we wanted. Once we get the nursery painted and the crib put together we will post pictures of our nursery in progress.

November 22, 2008

Baby Heaven

This weekend Chad and I ventured out to begin our crib and baby furniture search! We have been to my dad's store and Babies R Us a million times. We couldn't seem to fall in love with anything. Then today we ventured over to the other side of town and walked into baby heaven!!!! Better's their big holiday sale! We took a few pictures of cribs we love (this pic is our favorite so far), and we are going to take the week to think about what we really want. The bedding set we decide on needs to match the crib, so we are having the big debate with cherry or expresso wood! It's hard to decide not knowing the gender of the baby! But even so...we got really excited today shopping for baby Bridges and can't wait to actually make our purchase and bring it home!

November 20, 2008

17 Weeks

Another doctor's appointment down. Our BIG one is next!!! I got to hear the heartbeat and was measured to make sure baby was growing. Everything was great, except they put me on the dreaded iron pills! I've heard they make you pretty sick, so I'm not looking forward to starting them... We also had our genetic blood testing done to make sure everything is okay with baby. Please pray this week as we wait for those results to come in. Hopefully all test are negative and we have made it through the most critical half of pregnancy with no problems. Things at home are changing as well as my body! Cali can definitely tell something is up. She has become A LOT more needed than usual and has to be constantly touched. Today is her birthday and she turns 4! It feels like we just got her. We are going to get her some special doggy treats this afternoon and spend some time with her. I'm sure she will feel pretty neglected for a while once baby gets here and our attention shifts! Well, we are on the countdown to find our what the gender of our baby is! Only 27 more days...

November 18, 2008

Sweet Thoughts

We have been so blessed to have such an easy pregnancy so far! It is comforting to both Chad and I to know so many people are praying for the health and safety of our family. Each day it seems like we get a new email or card with warm thoughts. We are approaching 17 weeks and are on the countdown to find out what our baby is! Only 29 days to go... We have decided to wait and share names until we know the gender of the baby, but we are pretty set. Crib and furniture shopping is our next big adventure! Our next doctors appointment is tomorrow, so until then...

November 12, 2008

A Pain in the Butt!!!

When my doctor was discussing my pregnancy with me, one of the first things he told me about was this sciatic nerve which runs down your back and into your legs. He said "because you teach and are on your feet all day, it may be a problem for you." Oh boy has it been a problem!!! While everyone seems to have a different opinion for how to treat this, I have not found anything that works yet! Warm bath, body pillow, two pillows between your knees at night, sleeping on the opposite side of the pain, 30 minute-leg up breaks, massages (which I'm up for!), floor exercises (do you know me at all!)... Oh let me count the suggestions! My next doctors appointment is on the 19th, so I guess I will tough out the pain in my butt until I can talk to him about it more!!

November 6, 2008

Sinus Infections and Baby Clothes!

For the past 8 days I have been fighting one heck of a sinus infection! The doctors said it was safe to take Claritin and nose spray, so they have been my best friends lately. The only thing that seems to take the cough away is hot cocoa, so I've been through two boxes! Today I finally began feeling some relief. Mom and I went shopping for Chad's birthday gifts, and couldn't help but stop by the baby stores as well (couldn't control ourselves). I am so anxious to discover whether we are having a boy or girl so I can start buying all the precious things out there! Only 5 more weeks until then...

November 2, 2008

14 weeks

It's official....the baby bump is starting to show!!! Oh lord!

Weekend in Savannah

Since I've been feeling better, I decided it was time to actually attend one of my husbands soccer tournaments! He has been so patient and understanding through this experience and it's time that I find small ways to thank him. It's always so rewarding to my soul to watch Chad with his teams. His guidance and caring spirit with his teams remind me of what a wonderful father he will be. We enjoyed the weekend away together (knowing it may be one of the last alone!). Chad's varsity team starts up in January and Christmas is always a busy time, so we figured it was one of the last as "the two of us" least for a little while!