September 28, 2009

Are you talking to me??

Have you ever been to church and felt like God made the message that day just for you?? Lately with all the stress in my life from work and illness, that is just how I have felt. One thing that has helped relieve some of that stress however, has been our small group study on "For Men Only" and "For Women Only." Daddy and I are a part of a marriage small group which has 6 amazing couples we get to share our faith with. I always feel stressed about going because my "to do" list is forever long...but once we get there and talking, I always walk away feeling rejuvenated and happy (like the gym for some people...not me).

Having a baby made us feel back at the beginning of our relationship because we were having to start all over again. Daddy and I found ourselves stressed with each other when we should be coming together. Reading these books has opened such great communication and when we read it I always feel like it was written all about ME! I keep thinking "how did they know that?!?" I feel like these books have brought us back to where we wanted to be before Brayden was born. I want to keep working on "us", and LOVE our small group studies because it gives me time to stop and appreciate daddy for the wonderful man he is. It's so easy to forget to make him feel that way when you are caught up in the daily stresses life brings. I feel like these books have really helped keep our faith in check and relationship healthy, so if you can get your hands on them...its TOTALLY worth the money! I've always been told "if mommy and daddy are okay...then baby is okay." I pray I can always have that in the front of my mind!

Why him?

Last night I began to get REALLY worried about my baby boy. His breathing was wheezy and he was running a low grade fever. After a loooong night of mommy constantly checking on him, I made the decision to go to work. Brayden's temperature was 96.8, so I thought he was okay. Then at 10:00 I got the dreaded phone call that my precious was fussy and running a temp again. So...we made the decision to take him into the pediatrician's office. It was confirmed...Swine Flu. Of all things out in this world it has to be the unknown virus which will drive mommy's stress level through the roof!!! Not only are we dealing with swine flu, he has colic because of it. So he is wheezing and was given steroids to help with the inflammation. Now he's taking Tylenol for fever, tamiflu for swine flu, steroids (only 2 doses) for colic, and prilosec for reflux. I just want him to be okay..seems to be a whole lot of meds for such a little boy.

September 27, 2009

Just for Fun

Thanks Aunt Britt

Greek Festival!

The past few weekends we have been so blessed with beautiful weather (and no soccer games!). So we decided to pack up the stroller and take Brayden to the Greek Festival. We had lunch together, walked around, and enjoyed the time together.

New Chair!

Brayden loves to sit up and look around at his world. Daddy and I chose not to buy a new highchair and use mine from when I was a baby! Because it is an older wooden model, Brayden can't quite sit up in it yet! It doesn't form to his body and until he can support himself sitting up, we needed something to use. I was sooooo upset looking at the prices of high chairs, then out of the corner of my eye-we found the infant to toddler booster chair! It is GREAT! Since we have a high table and chairs in our dining room, the booster makes it the same size as a high chair. Brayden LOVES it! I couldn't even get him to look at the camera when we put him in it. He sits in his booster and watches us in the mornings, and waits patiently..haha right...while his bottle and food is prepared. Then when daddy and I eat, he can sit with us! And allllll his toys can lay on his table for him to play with! So...until he can use mommy's OLD chair, he's going to use his NEW one! :)

Are you ready for some football!?!


What to do???

As a mother, I just want my precious boy to be happy and healthy. I want him to smile and coo, and laugh and play. Lately I've been noticing an decrease in these activities and I'm pretty sure it's reflux related. How do you know when to go into the doctor? Is he Is he screaming all the But he spits up all day, he fusses when laying flat on his back, and on his "bad" days I notice wheezing in his voice. It's scary and confusing all at the same time. I don't want my baby boy to be in any pain, and I'm afraid he is sometimes. He is waking up from naps coughing-which they say is reflux related. He has to change clothes 3-5 times a day-which they say is reflux related. He has wet burps and hiccups frequently-which they say is reflux related. I just don't want to keep going to the doctor with the same "problem" and be told there is nothing that can be done. I just want my baby to be happy and he? What to do??......

September 25, 2009

Prayers for Friends

Our precious baby friends Lucy and Gibby have BOTH been diagnosed with swine flu this week. We are worried about our precious one getting it, but currently he is doing just fine! We ask you to please keep them in your prayers for a quick and safe recovery. As a mother I know Heather is hurting! We know our babies will eventually get sick, however, this unknown disease makes it twice as difficult! We love you Lucy and Gibby!

September 19, 2009

Daddy time!

Brayden's favorite toy this month is daddy's face. It's so fun to watch them play!

Proud Mommy!

There was a time when I thought I'd never see Brayden lifting his head. We did tummy time on the boppy, on the rug, in his crib, in our lap, and on daddy's tummy. Nothing seemed to work. Finally, just one day, I put him on his tummy and he lifted his head! I was so proud! Now every time he is on his tummy he is lifting his head, I love to watch it.

Just for Aunt Britt!

My sister's birthday was this week, so the family took her out to eat Friday. Even thought it was HER birthday, she had bought Brayden a precious outfit! Now I look just like daddy in my Guy Harvey onesie!!!

Cali wanted to be part of the picture

Saturday mornings with mom...

Daddy had to go to Charleston for the day for soccer games, so Brayden and I enjoyed a fun morning of laundry! He played in his Bumbo while I sorted and folded (and managed to get a few pics in). I always look forward to the weekends, because I get to spend allllll day with my sweet boys! I miss them so much during the week. I never knew being a working mom would be so HARD!

What goes DOWN...comes right back up!

We have been having a horrible time with Brayden's reflux lately! It seemed the minute we started solid foods he began having more trouble. He tried Zantac but it didn't do anything for him. He started sleeping horribly, screaming while eating, and not able to lay flat at all. Now we have switched to Prilosec and it seems to be better. However, I'm going to run him by the doctor's next week to be weighed. I'm thinking he just needs to go up in dosage. He has started to show signs of the meds not working, but he is almost 2 pounds heavier. This whole situation has had me such a mess the past few weeks. I want so desperately to help him, but there is no instant fix when he is hurting. It's awful to watch as a mother!

Ever since having Brayden, I have noticed a strong switch in prayer. Now they usually revolve around my family instead of myself. My current prayer is for his reflux to get under control so he will be feeling better, and so our clothes will last longer than 30 minutes!!! I'm thinking it's time to purchase some cute bibs!

20 Week Photo Shoot

Over Labor Day weekend, we took Brayden to have his 20 week photos made. We loved them so much, we thought we would share!!!

Can you believe I only spent $50.00!! I could have bought them all! My sweet boy is getting so big!

It's so hard to say goodbye...

Goodbye liquid gold...

Hello Soy!!!

Yeah!!!!!!!!! Brayden made the switch with no problem...FINALLY!

September 14, 2009

Technical Difficulties

My laptop and desktop computers have both been infected with a horrible virus! I got in through a work email. We are working on getting them cleaned up, but in the meantime that means no post for me :( We've been dealing with this for 3 weeks now, so hopefully it will soon be resolved! While all this is going on, my precious baby boy is shooting up like a weed! He's found his feet, makes tons of new "interesting" sounds, is sleeping 10-12 hours a night, has started baby food, and if at all possible, has gotten cuter! Can't wait to share all the collected pics I've gotten!

September 7, 2009

20 weeks

20 weeks then...
20 weeks now...


We were really concerned at first when Brayden couldn't lift himself on his tummy. Now...that is NO problem. He is turning on his tummy every chance he gets and most mornings that is how we find him! He has gotten so good at tummy time now, that he can lift up, suck his thumb, and grab for his toys all at the same time. There was nothing wrong with him, he just wanted to do it in his own time!

Newest Favorites...

4 months has brought about many changes in my baby boy. He is eating solids, sleeping through the night, playing a lot more, growing out of clothes, and enjoying new toys and games. His favorite toys at the current time are...
He loves his teething toy lion. It is a rattle/noise maker/teether toy. He likes to make it shake and eat ALL parts of it!
He also loves to play with his spoon we discovered! Although he cannot be left with it too long or he gags himself with it! Mommy panics, and he laughs!
And Brayden's FAVORITE toy at the current time... Daddy's FACE! He likes to pinch, pull, and slobber allllll over daddy. It is just too funny to watch. He just laughs and laughs! I'm loving every new thing this little boy does! I can't imagine what life would be like if he wasn't here. Can't wait for next months "new" favorites!

Can hardly wait!

Way too big for him at the current time...but it sure will be cute when it fits!

Since Brayden was born, we have celebrated Mother's Day, Father's Day, and the 4th of July as a family. Now we are getting into the BIG holiday season and mommy can hardly wait! I am counting down until "boo at the zoo" and already have quite a selection of items for my sweet boy to choose from! I just can't wait!