September 25, 2008

9 Weeks and no Tummy yet!

I have offically made it to 9 weeks and haven't gotten a tummy yet! As a matter of fact, I have lost a pound! How does that happen??? I can tell my pants are getting a little more snug, but there is no baby big enough to poke out yet! This means I have at least a few more weeks before I have to go into Lisa's maternity pants! I still feel sick a night, but the tiredness is getting better thank goodness. I go to bed at 7 instead of 5 now. As scary as it is to think of my belly after 26 years in a size 0, I am anxious to see the baby growing and am actually looking forward to a baby bump in the future!!!!

September 22, 2008

Another Dr. Appointment!

I was fortunate enough to get the day off today! I had a doctors visit this morning and a dentist visit this afternoon. All is still well! The baby is progressing just like it should and my iron count is up thank goodness! I have hear that having to take iron supplements can make you sick, and I do NOT need anything adding to my uneasy stomach. It was definitely an interesting trip to the doctor today though. When I got there, I noticed all of the nurses sticking their heads down the hall. When I was sitting in the waiting room I couldn't help but notice they continued to stick their heads around the corner to look at me. When I got called back I asked my nurse if I had something on my face! (I was convinced there was leftover cheese and bacon on my face) She filled me in on the fact that the nurses were "hoping" my husband would be accompanying me to this visit this morning. As soon as I laughed and announced that Chad was not going to be there...they all flocked to other places. It was hilarious, but what can I say. My husband is beautiful!

September 20, 2008


Today I got to visit my friend Lisa and her two boys. Lisa sent me home with 4 bags of maternity clothes! She is a great friend! I remember Lisa as always being dressed so cute when she was pregnant, but I can't quite get excited about the maternity clothes yet. I think as my belly progressively gets bigger and I get more comfortable with my new body I'll be excited about them! My pants are starting to get a little tight, and now I have some reserves for the morning I wake up and can't button my pants!!!

September 19, 2008

8 weeks!!!

I am becoming more and more anxious as the first trimester moves on! Since our scare this past week, I have been very eager to get to the 12 week mark. Only 4 more to go. I am remaining faithful that all will move smoothly! Monday I go for all of my OB work, and today we got one of the important benchmarks in the mail. THE BILL!! All I can say is... Thank you God for my great insurance! My sickness hasn't been as bad since I switched back to my old prenatal vitamins, however the fatigue is still hitting me hard. It's amazing that its 7:30 pm and I'm not asleep yet! This may be a pregnancy record for me! As we hit the 8 week mark, I am feeling so blessed for every day and I'm getting more and more excited. Chad is planning to take me to Babies R Us when he gets back in town from his soccer tournament, and I can't wait! We are dying to start buying items for our little one (even though its probably still too early for that)!

September 17, 2008

1st Ultrasound

Today ended up being our first ultrasound! It was both the scariest and most exciting experience ever! At school today I started bleeding and immediately called the doctor. I had to leave school and go straight to the doctor. Not the way you want to have an ultrasound...but exciting at the same time. Chad was able to leave school and my mom met us at the hospital. I went hoping for the best, knowing that bleeding can happen sometimes. The good news is that the bleeding was caused from a blood hemorage and is not hurting the baby at all. As soon as the ultrasound came on the screen I started looking for a heartbeat! It was there and strong! It was so exciting. The yolk sack has split, the heartbeat was 141 beats per minute, and the baby was the length it should be at this time. It was such a relief to see! Our next ultrasound is October 16th and we will be looking for an actual baby then! Chad and I are counting down the days :) So far so good! Thank you God for your blessings!

September 15, 2008

7 Weeks!

We are at the 7 week point! Next week we will get our first ultrasound to hear the heartbeat and hopefully see our seed of a baby on the big screen. I never though I'd be so excited to see something so small. Baby fever has definately hit me. I find myself constantly reading Baby magazine, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, and searching the internet for nursery items. Although I'm not feeling the greatest, I know it will be passing sometime soon. Smells are absolutly driving me crazy now and I hit the bathroom about 100 times a day. Still no sickness, although I feel pretty blah almost all afternoons. I am just so excited and thrilled to be pregnant and I cannot wait for the future as a family of 4!!! (Cali being the 4th!)

September 11, 2008


Everyone has told me that my lab will "step up" to the plate when I get pregnant. She is such a nervous and anxious dog, I had SERIOUS doubts! However, she has pleasently surprised me lately. She has become very protective of me and a lot more alert when its just she and I at the house. When Chad is at soccer practices/games or at work late, Cali has started putting her body between me and whichever door I am closer to! She perks up to sounds a lot more and follows me everywhere! (Some may say that is no different!) I just hope she makes the adjustment to a child well. She shocks me when I watch her play with neighbors children. She can play so hard with Chad, and become so gentle when the little ones come around. It's neat to watch! I'm hoping she becomes equally as protective over our little one!

September 9, 2008

Baby Bible

My luxury reading has drastically shifted as the weeks progress. I went from all teacher professional development books and Shape magazines to "Pregnancy Week by Week." It's comforting to read so I know the things I'm feeling as the days go forward are not abnormal or threatening to the baby in any way. Although I have to doesn't tell you EVERYTHING. My nurse Dorothy and I...we are going to be GREAT friends!!!

6 Weeks

Well...only 7 1/2 more months to go! I have been so fortunate to not be feeling bad, but today that all changed! The sick feeling has set in. Standing up, walking, taking my prenatal vitamins, and brushing my teeth were major chores today. I'm hoping I can fight the morning sickness for the sake of my first graders! My prenatal vitamins were switched, so I'm thinking that's where the sick feeling is coming from! Well, maybe that's just what I am hoping! We are getting really excited about our first ultrasound on the 22nd. We made it a week later than most people because Chad wanted to be there. Taking off work when you teach is easier said than done, but we found a date that matched for both of us. At 8 weeks we will be able to hear our babies heart beat and check out the small seed growing inside. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

September 4, 2008

The First Doctor's Visit!!!

Today was our FIRST appointment! It put so much stress to rest for me. After the exam and blood work we got the "you really are pregnant" papers and our due date...MAY 3rd! How exciting! Everything is looking great and the countdown is on!!! Our first ultra sound is September 22nd, so hopefully we will have our first baby picture to share!

September 1, 2008


As our first doctors appointment approaches I am getting more and more nervous! I want to make sure things are going well and healthy before we make our announcement to friends. I feel so great at times it's hard to believe there is actually a baby in there! I want to lay back and feel blessed for these great feelings, but something in me is needing the doctor to give the okay! How crazy is it that something as small as a lintel bean can change everything in your life! Everyday is getting more and more exciting. (We are currently at 5 weeks)