September 22, 2008

Another Dr. Appointment!

I was fortunate enough to get the day off today! I had a doctors visit this morning and a dentist visit this afternoon. All is still well! The baby is progressing just like it should and my iron count is up thank goodness! I have hear that having to take iron supplements can make you sick, and I do NOT need anything adding to my uneasy stomach. It was definitely an interesting trip to the doctor today though. When I got there, I noticed all of the nurses sticking their heads down the hall. When I was sitting in the waiting room I couldn't help but notice they continued to stick their heads around the corner to look at me. When I got called back I asked my nurse if I had something on my face! (I was convinced there was leftover cheese and bacon on my face) She filled me in on the fact that the nurses were "hoping" my husband would be accompanying me to this visit this morning. As soon as I laughed and announced that Chad was not going to be there...they all flocked to other places. It was hilarious, but what can I say. My husband is beautiful!

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