September 17, 2008

1st Ultrasound

Today ended up being our first ultrasound! It was both the scariest and most exciting experience ever! At school today I started bleeding and immediately called the doctor. I had to leave school and go straight to the doctor. Not the way you want to have an ultrasound...but exciting at the same time. Chad was able to leave school and my mom met us at the hospital. I went hoping for the best, knowing that bleeding can happen sometimes. The good news is that the bleeding was caused from a blood hemorage and is not hurting the baby at all. As soon as the ultrasound came on the screen I started looking for a heartbeat! It was there and strong! It was so exciting. The yolk sack has split, the heartbeat was 141 beats per minute, and the baby was the length it should be at this time. It was such a relief to see! Our next ultrasound is October 16th and we will be looking for an actual baby then! Chad and I are counting down the days :) So far so good! Thank you God for your blessings!

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