May 25, 2010

What I love about my job...

This is the cake I bought for my classroom "Celebration of Learning" tomorrow....
Yet another example of how VITALLY IMPORTANT teachers are!

May 23, 2010

Image Change

So I was pulling out summer clothes and looking through bathing suits recently...then it hit me! What in the world was I thinking when I bought some of these things!?!?

I have one bathing suit that I bought right after having Brayden. I was so desperately wanting to feel pretty and attractive for my husband, and wanted to believe nothing about my body had I did it. I bought a $60.00 bathing suit that now I would be ashamed to put and hold my child at the same time!!! It is definitely going to go in the "when we take our 2nd honeymoon" pile.

Then I pulled a couple of shorts and dresses out to try on. One by one they went into the "give away" pile! It's amazing how everything has changed since I have had Brayden...and now I feel like my image is having to change as well.

It's not that I dressed like a hoochie or anything!!! It's just now I feel there's a way I want my son to see me-and it's not in a low cut dress or too short shorts. And some of the items in my closet just don't seem appropriate for now. Like ANYTHING dry clean or hand wash only! I have actually found myself checking the cleaning labels first when I'm buying things. I get Brayden's food spit on me at least twice a day, so dry clean is just not going to do it for me right now. And anything strapless I wear lasts about 30 seconds before Brayden is trying to pull it down!

So...the next big check I get this summer (i.e.-no childcare take out), I will be making my way to the mall to buy a couple of new essentials for my closet!

May 22, 2010

Brayden's First Pool Day!!!!

Mommy and Brayden playing in the pool! Brayden's first pool experience!

Had to stop for a snack! He LOVES his mini nilla waffers.

What a great time we had!

Last weekend we went to Greer's birthday party at the splash park. All the kids made tye dye shirts to take home and Brayden got to make one too...isn't it precious!??

A New Chapter

This week we had our team dinner for work. This is the last year I will be teaching first grade. Next year I get to teach Kindergarten! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. My mother has been an amazing Kindergarten teacher for over 32 years. I feel like I grew up in her classroom. It seems to be such a natural thing to plan for me. My mom has taught me so much-I feel like I have been raised to do it-I can't wait! So my team got together and had a goodbye dinner for one colleague who will be retiring...and to my surprise they had some special things for me, since I won't be on their team next year. We had such a great time closing the year together :)

Around the house

Laid Back

This week we got the inserts to Braydens pottery barn chair! It is so BIG!! The pictures just don't capture it, but the chair is huge. Brayden isn't too sure about it yet...
But he will sit in it long enough to have a sippy of milk and watch wonder pets!

May 17, 2010

Ahead of the game

Everyone likes to tell me this is how I always am! I just can't help it! I like to be prepared. So...

I have two major trips coming up. One in June, and the biggest in July. I'd love to have some advice about traveling with a 15 month old (that's how old he will be for our big 12 hour drive!). So if you have any tips or stories PLEASE share! :)

May 16, 2010

Splash Park!

Our good friends the Worley's had a birthday party for their middle child yesterday. Since Piper and Brayden are so close in age, they invited us along! We had so much fun at the Splash Park! Of course my observant little boy had to check everything out, but soon he was brave enough to get in!

He preferred the light sprinklers of course! This was his first experience with water other than the bathtub!

Grandma JJ came along to play too! Brayden held on tight when we got close to the big sprinklers!

And of course he had to put the grass in his everything else at this point in time!

My precious walking little boy! He's just so much fun!

And can you believe mommy forgot a TOWEL!!!??? So we just stripped him to his diaper and let him air dry :) He didn't seem to mind. I can't wait to take Brayden back to the Splash Park again!

Lunch with daddy

Brayden and I are sooooo excited soccer season is over and we can enjoy more time with daddy!

Enjoying the sun

May 13, 2010

Trying to avoid bath time...

A Great Mother's Day!

Mother's Day this year started off very stressful...
For the last month, my baby boy has been fighting something awful. Stopped up, not eating, not sleeping, and just screaming! After 3 different antibiotics, and double ear infections, he went to daily injections of medicine. It's an injection which was awful to watch and I know was terrible painful (the same injections I got for my kidney infection.). Mother's Day was day FOUR of shots and was going to be the doctors call for if Brayden needed tubes. Luckily, the day started fantastic and we got a clean ear bill-then we were on our way!
I knew when he started dancing around the doctors office he must have been feeling better...
Please keep him in your prayers-we go back on Tuesday for a check up and if there is any fluid we will be in for tubes Wednesday! This makes for a very nervous mommy!
Then we met Grandma JJ for lunch! Brayden was such a good boy-and it was even nap time!
Uncle Joey and Great Grandma Millie came with us too.

Daddy let me pick the plans for the rest of the day! There was nothing I wanted more than to just enjoy my time at home with my boys. Brayden and I played in the yard while daddy cooked the best pork chops in the world for us!

After dinner we tried Brayden walking in the grass again...he didn't like it too much.
We think this is super funny because when daddy was little-he wouldn't walk in the grass either because it tickled his feet! LIKE FATHER LIKE SON!
I just love my boys and I just love being a mommy! Happy Mother's Day to everyone!