March 31, 2009

On the way...

We ordered our baby book this week and being the impulsive mommy to be...I had it rushed with a 3 day shipping! It should be here just in time for Spring Break! Then Chad and I will have some time to sit down and fill out what we can before he gets here! Yeah!!!

March 29, 2009

More baby fun!

Today was an exciting day! Another shower for baby Bridges :) With each gift we receive, Chad and I are amazed at home blessed we are. Our baby boy is going to have everything he needs and then some... 3 ladies that I grew up with threw my shower this weekend and they went above and beyond. The food was delicious, the gifts were such blessings, and getting together with friends to help calm my nerves about what's to come was nice! Overall, a great great day!

We are in our 9th month now and visiting the doctor each Monday. Hopefully our baby boy will stay in my belly until full term, so the doctor will be monitoring him closely! They say he is average weight and measuring right where he should be! I'm feeling the anxiety as we get closer to the real deal. Chad continues to be supportive as the tears and questions are more frequent. He is going to be such a great dad!

March 25, 2009

Sick again...

My first graders have managed to pass along every illness imaginable this year, and I've been lucky to dodge most of them. But yesterday it caught up with me and fever hit me about 3:00. We had a field trip to the zoo yesterday (which at 9 months pregnant just about killed me) and you could see the pollen everywhere. I'm almost convinced its just a sinus infection, but I'm afraid to rule anything else out. I have 3 children with pneumonia, 2 with flu, and 2 with sinus infections!

I am SO close to having our baby boy that I don't want to take anything that will hurt him in any way. So starting an antibiotic last night was difficult for me, but I knew I needed to get better so I could take care of him. Even not feeling well, I'm so blessed by everyone around me. My wonderful husband came home from his soccer game (this is major people) to take care of me when he found out I had fever. My principal excused me from my after school obligations with no penalty so I could pick up my meds and get in the bed. My children at school have reminded each other all morning long that "Mrs. Bridges doesn't feel good so we need to listen." They are so precious! My parents of my children send me notes daily to let me know they are thinking of me and wishing me the best!

Only 1 more week until Spring Break, so I'm hoping this antibiotic gets anything I was exposed to and that will be the end of it. Then I will have some time away from school and any germs hiding in my classroom! My baby boy keeps moving to remind me he is okay and I'm so thankful for that. I'm hoping the rain we are going to get the next couple of days will wash out some of the pollen which has collected on EVERYTHING! Until then, I'm locking myself in my bedroom :)

March 24, 2009

New AC and Great Dr. Apt!

Yesterday was another Dr. Apt down! Our baby boy is measuring right on target and I am not dilated like he thought I was! He has moved into the birth canal, head down, which causes some discomfort on my bladder...but he is still in there! The doctor seems to think I CAN make it to the end of April now which is a relief to me for work reasons! My iron was FINALLY up to a number he liked, which is great because I refuse to take anymore! My body can only handle 3 doses a day!

This week has started to heat up, so its a good thing we got a new AC yesterday! I put it on 63 for a while just because I could!!! So things are moving along and we still have a healthy baby boy that we are anxious to meet!

March 22, 2009

34 Weeks

We are moving into week 35 and I am getting more and more anxious about our little ones arrival! The nursery is set and we have 2 more showers to go. Can't wait!

My doctor's appointments are now every Monday since he has already begun to drop. I'm not dilated at all (yet), but he has dropped enough for the doctor to say he is probably coming a little early. I'm hoping to make it at least 2 more weeks because then we have Spring Break and I can get some rest and stay off my feet. I still struggle shaving my legs, sleeping, and now finding a comfortable sitting position! However, I love feeling him move around each day and walking into his nursery and playing with his things! Yes I'm a dork, I go in there at least once a day to play with something!

We are supposed to be getting our new AC tomorrow, so after three weeks with no air I will finally have some relief! That's good since we have entered 9 months. I cannot believe how fast the months have past, and in no time at all he will be here in our arms. Amazing...

March 17, 2009


Well...week 2 (almost 3) and STILL no air conditioning. While others are wishing the rain away, I'm hoping it hangs around until we get this thing straightened out!!! It's supposed to be 75 tomorrow...yikes! That means it will register AT LEAST 80 in my house!

March 13, 2009

Calling all Mommies!!!

Okay moms...In the next 2 or 3 weeks I'm going to get my hospital bag ready! Can you believe it?!? As I begin to gather what I need, I'd love to know of something you wish you would have had during your delivery and hospital stay! Please "comment" and let me know if you can think of something other than the obvious things like clothes, bathroom/shower supplies, and nightgowns!

March 12, 2009

Just some more shower pics!

So many blessings...

Chapin Elementary Baby Shower
My travel set!!!!!

Mom and I

Our precious centerpiece!

Precious cake!

Yesterday was the baby shower thrown by my first grade team at school. They went above and beyond any expectation I had for a school shower! It was wonderful. Each gift I opened made me more and more thankful for the people I've been blessed with in my life. Between the two showers I have had, our baby boy has been set up to enter this world. I feel so relieved about making sure he has what he needs. Chad and I had a blast setting up our bouncer, swing, stroller, baby carrier, and mobile (just some of the great things we were blessed with!). It's just nothing but pure excitement about his arrival now!

March 10, 2009


That is the number registering on my thermostat at this current time. Seriously...I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant and its the hottest days we have had so far. Cut on the A/C...out it goes. It's laying around in my underwear with every window open, every ceiling fan on, and two floor fans blowing on me until Mungo Homes decides to fix it for me! This is the third time it has gone out in the last 2 years!!! Lord give me strength...

Another Dr. Appointment down and almost a pineapple!

Yesterday was my 32 week doctor's appointment and all was well! The doctor confirmed the discomfort I've been having IS the wonderful braxton-hicks contractions and indigestion! (Got to love the 3rd trimester) After reading multiple baby books which said braxton-hicks were painless, I was not prepared for the discomfort of the contractions. But Dr. Chris put my mind at ease. I have made it to 32 weeks with only a 23 pound weight gain!!! Yes I'm excited about this! After packing on 7 or 8 each month I'm excited for this slow down. The baby's growth was right on track, and his heartbeat was really strong and shows he is in the "head down" position...for now! I'm hoping the constant action in my belly is not his attempt to flip on me! The only thing the Dr. was concerned about was my iron levels...still. So now I'm taking TRIPLE iron supplements, which bring on their own side effects. However...each day is getting harder and harder to walk and the discomfort is setting in, I cannot wait to get closer and closer to my baby boy being here. I am dreaming each night of what it will be like to hold him! I just can't wait!!!

March 7, 2009

Work in Progress

His nursery is starting to come along...

First Baby Shower!!!!

Today was our FIRST baby shower for our sweet boy and we were so blessed! We got some great needed things for our baby and nursery. It was so exciting seeing his name put on things too! The excitement is definitely settling in and I just can't wait for him to get here!!!

My beautiful hostesses! Mrs. Schiesser, Mrs. Blalock, Mrs. Newell, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Hartley, and Mrs. King

Three generations...Mom and Jan pregnant together, Jessa and I pregnant together...PRICELESS!

I love seeing his name!!!

Hollie, Jessa, and I

March 6, 2009

Just Kidding!!!

So...for the last few days I have been convinced I picked a bug up from my precious first graders. Of 18, 11 of them have had the stomach bug or flu, so I figured I was too. Come to find out, its just a case of the third trimester INDIGESTION! HA! A relief to know I'm not sick, but a pain to deal with. I go back to the doctor Monday and he said we would discuss options. Until then...I'll be eating a lot of tums!

March 4, 2009

A little stomach bug and a little third tirmester...

Well...after 3 years of teaching with avoidance of the dreaded "flu" and "stomach bug", I officially caught it. I'm home sick today and can't figure out what is worse. Running to the bathroom, or feeling like I can't breath! I've just got to ride this bug out and I'm hoping by Saturday (my first baby shower!) I will be all better. The doctor reassured me that this bug will not hurt the baby and I just need to drink lots of fluids. This stinks...

March 3, 2009

Hot Chocolate Party (for 2)

Well crazy enough, good ole' South Carolina got to see snow twice this year! Unfortunately it didn't last very long, but Chad and I took advantage of having the day together (knowing we don't have many more). The snow started around 5:30(and stopped around 10:00). The announcement of "no school" came out around 6:00, so we jumped into our pajamas and started our hot chocolate party! It was so nice just to sit in the bed together and do a bunch of nothing :) We were extremely disappointed to wake up the next day to both no school and no snow (for us teachers this means we will have to make it up on a beautiful spring day). But we took advantage of our time together and had a blast!

Spoiling the First

In my outing downtown this weekend I ventured upon the "Pupcakes" bakery on Devine Street. I couldn't help but get Cali some goodies because I'm afraid her days of being TOTALLY spoiled are numbered! I got her some puppy cupcakes, breath bones, and peanut butter hearts :) Cali will always be my first baby, but the goodies will be a lot less frequent once formula and diapers take priority!!!