March 10, 2009

Another Dr. Appointment down and almost a pineapple!

Yesterday was my 32 week doctor's appointment and all was well! The doctor confirmed the discomfort I've been having IS the wonderful braxton-hicks contractions and indigestion! (Got to love the 3rd trimester) After reading multiple baby books which said braxton-hicks were painless, I was not prepared for the discomfort of the contractions. But Dr. Chris put my mind at ease. I have made it to 32 weeks with only a 23 pound weight gain!!! Yes I'm excited about this! After packing on 7 or 8 each month I'm excited for this slow down. The baby's growth was right on track, and his heartbeat was really strong and shows he is in the "head down" position...for now! I'm hoping the constant action in my belly is not his attempt to flip on me! The only thing the Dr. was concerned about was my iron levels...still. So now I'm taking TRIPLE iron supplements, which bring on their own side effects. However...each day is getting harder and harder to walk and the discomfort is setting in, I cannot wait to get closer and closer to my baby boy being here. I am dreaming each night of what it will be like to hold him! I just can't wait!!!

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