November 29, 2009

Love is in the air...

Last night my good friend Cara got married. It was a perfect wedding and I wish her nothing but the best! Daddy stayed at home with Brayden and let me have the weekend to celebrate with Cara. While I hated to be away from my boys...I had a great time catching up with old friends. And the fact that the Gamecocks spanked the Tigers just put the icing on my cake for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying SOOOOOO Hard!

For almost 3 weeks now Brayden has been so desperate to crawl. It is just too funny to watch! He gets up, and down, rolls, falls, and then repeats the process. Each day he seems to get a little closer, but he just isn't there quite yet! I also don't think he realizes...if he would let go of his rattle for 10 seconds he could probably do it!!!

Black Friday!!!

Normally I NEVER go out on Black Friday. However, after looking through the ads in the VERY thick paper Thursday morning, I couldn't help but notice great deals. I saw the last few items I wanted to get Brayden for Christmas...all 75% off! And there were some precious dresses and random things I'd like to take a look at.


Friday morning I woke up daddy and he agreed to take me out shopping! Let me say was at 7am, not 3 or 4! We bundled up Brayden and headed out with all the crazies! It was a lot of fun! Ran into some other crazy friends, got some great deals on Brayden's Christmas items, spent some time with my boys. It doesn't get much better than that!

So Thankful...

It was a great first Thanksgiving with both my boys this year. We traveled to my Aunt and Uncle's house for lunch. Daddy and Brayden watched from the couch as lunch was prepared.

Then after we ate, Brayden rolled around the floor playing for a while!
At nap time he sat with Aunt Brittany.
And because it's become tradition, he slept in his "Baby's First" sleeper! He has had a Halloween and Thanksgiving onto my favorite!!!! Baby's First CHRISTMAS!!!

It was such a relaxing and fun day with my boys this year. I have so much to be thankful for.

November 26, 2009

Hanging out with dad

November 25, 2009

Christmas Excitement!!!

I've been so excited about Brayden's first Christmas this year! I've tried everything in my power to get ready and make it perfect! This past week I cleaned the house and put up all our decorations. It took all of 5 seconds of Brayden on the ground before he found the tree. I think he is excited too :)

Afternoon Snacks

Brayden used his mesh fruit and veggie holder today for the first time! We gave him bananas, which is one of his favorites.

We started out in the jumper.

But it didn't take long to realize the dog wouldn't let this happen!

So we moved to our booster chair and had more success. (And mommy got smart and put a bib on!)

But Cali didn't go too far...

November 22, 2009

7 Month Sweetie!

I can hardly believe it, but last week my little angel turned 7 months old. Everyone said the time would fly, but it really is. As much as I want him to stay my precious baby boy, each month is getting better and better. At 7 months Brayden is:
  • rocking on his hands and knees, which means crawling is soon to come!

  • giving me kisses at night-which is when he opens his mouth and proceeds to place it on mine and slobber all over me...priceless!

  • sitting unsupported

  • using his new car seat

  • taking 1 nap a day, usually two to three hours

  • still dealing with reflux...go away already!

  • sleeping through the night only sometimes-we are thinking a growth spurt or teething in the near future

  • eating solids twice a day

  • learning to pick up foods and put them in his mouth

  • creeping ALL over the place

  • laughing at everything

  • loves for you to blow on his tummy

  • saying mama and dada randomly-can't wait for the day when he knows what they mean!

It's just such a fun time in my life. I thank God every day for my beautiful family, and I look forward to every minute with them.

November 17, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This weekend Brayden and I took a weekend away with daddy. He had a soccer tournament, so we went too! Brayden played on the bed while daddy brought all our luggage in...
The highlight of his weekend was the full length mirror !!!

He looked at himself forever and just laughed and laughed!

He liked having his own bed to roll on and spit up all over too!

Between daddy's soccer games we went to all the baby outlets. I spent WAY too much money bewteen the Gymboree outlet, Gap Outlet, Polo Outlet, Carter outlet, etc....

Can you find Brayden in all the bags???
We stayed in the hotel room during daddy's soccer games because there wasn't any shade for baby. But we still had fun!

He didn't want to go to sleep, so daddy rocked him in the rolling chair.
And he slept in the pack and play for the first time over night!
We did, however, make it to daddy's championship game. We sat in the back of daddy's car so we could have some shade.

The excitement of the soccer game was more than he could handle...
But he got up in time to watch daddy get his first place trophy, and hand out medals to his team!
What a fun weekend away!!!

November 6, 2009

Change is near...

I had put Brayden in the crib the other night so I could hang up his clothes. I laid him down, turned on his music, and walked over to his closet. A few moments later I heard some fussing coming from Brayden so I quickly turned around. What a precious sight I saw...
Brayden was desperately trying to get my attention! I would go back to putting clothes away and he would fuss again. Each time I would stop and look at him he would just laugh and laugh! He would try to pull himself up over the rail to see me and fussed like crazy when he couldn't. What a funny baby boy I have! It was also at this funny time that I came to a shocking's time to lower the crib again!!!! I'm going to have a crawling baby before I know it!