August 29, 2009

Thank you Nana!!

Brayden is soon going to be 5 months old...I just can't believe it!!! He has officially outgrown all of his precious 3 month clothes and is starting to even grow out of his 3-6 month clothes!! He is wearing mostly 6 month sleeper and onesies now. Which for us stinks because we held off on 6 month clothes because the season will be changing soon. We are only buying summer things that fit him on sale right now because he wont wear them long! And we don't want to buy for fall until it gets here, so in the meantime or little boy is running low in the clothing department!!! So...Nana found Brayden some precious clothes and mailed them too us! Brayden says "Thank you very much Nana!!"

Nothing has changed...

Bath time is STILL my favorite part of the day!!! I have started to add Johnson's bedtime bath to Brayden's bath at night. I put a capful in, then pour water into the tub which makes bubbles for about 2 minutes. Last night I forgot to do it BEFORE I put Brayden in, and when the bubbles started forming he started laughing hysterically! He even tried to eat them! love for Brayden...Bubble baths!!

Cutest little player!

Are they on yet mommy????

Gooooooooooooo Cocks!!!

Gamecock onesie..................CHECK
Gamecock paci....................CHECK
Gamecock jersey.................CHECK
Can make lots of noise........CHECK

Brayden is ready for Gamecock football season!!!!!!

August 23, 2009

Yes, I AM aware

Yes guys!!! I AM aware that my last post is 2 days early. And I do admit I thought the 25th was tomorrow!! However, I don't ever bring my laptop home during the work week so I thought I'd do it earlier rather than later!

This day in history....

I remember August 25th, 2008 like it just happened.

I woke up...a Monday morning (its funny that it falls on a Monday again)...and went into the bathroom. I was only 1 day away from my "hopefully missed period." I had felt strange all weekend. Chad and I took communion together and prayed at church for a baby less than 24 hours before this moment. I felt like everyone around me was able to quickly get pregnant. I felt like everyone around me was carrying a baby, and I so desperately wanted to be just like them. I remember thinking to myself..."let's just go ahead and try." I took the test and sat it next to me on the counter. What I saw next changed my life forever.
It was 5:30 in the morning. It very quickly turned pink and I had to look at the results comparison chart several times before it set in that it was positive! I ran into the bedroom and woke up Chad-"baby it's positive!" I made my doctors appointment at 6:30 that morning...Then we both headed off to work with the best secret in the world. I walked around work that day on cloud 9, and felt like I needed to tip toe everywhere! I didn't want to risk this wonderful baby falling out of me! And this August 25th...2009-I'm going to think back and smile. That "secret" we had one year ago has forever changed our lives in the best way possible!

Family Dinner

Brayden playing in his jumper. Patiently waiting for dinner time!

Here comes the choo choo train!!!

Since the day Brayden arrived, we have been looking forward to family dinners. It seems to be the only common time ALL three of us can sit down and be together. Between preparing for work, working, soccer, and daily errands, we seem to always be on the go! Since Dr. W gave the okay for solids to begin...we had our first REAL family dinner!! Daddy grilled steaks, Brayden played in his jumper while they cooked, and mommy set the table. We pulled the high chair up and ate together as a family. It was really special. Although, most of the attention ended up heading over towards Brayden since his food was going everywhere but in his mouth! But we still managed to eat our steaks and have a great time! Looking forward to more family dinners...

It's officially over...

No, it's not officially over like John and Kate...

It's just that the summer is officially over, and daddy and I have officially headed back to work. This past week we had our district kickoff and school began. The only great part about it for me, is that I'm so busy with my new first graders I don't have time to worry about Brayden and if he is sleeping well, or eating good, or playing! By the time I know it, the day is over and I RUSH to pick him up. It's my favorite part of the day...well besides bath time!


We have been having an issue with tummy time since Brayden was born. He couldn't figure out how to use his hands, so he couldn't push himself up! The doctor assured me his head and neck were fine because he checked out in all other areas and that Brayden would eventually "get it." Well...this weekend he did! I put him on his tummy, sat back and he pushed up on his arms! I was so proud of him! He usually HATES tummy time, but for the next 30 minutes he looked around laughing and cooing. It was great!

Feels so good!

Along with his jumper, Braydens new favorite toys at 4 months are his soft blanket and soft puppy dog! When we lay him down or put him in his bouncer, he will giggle and play with his blankets for what seems like forever! He rubs them on his face, pulls them with his hands, puts puppy's face in his mouth! It is just too cute. I'm hoping he will become more attached to these, and less attached to his thumb...but I doubt it!
I spoke to the pediatrician about Brayden's thumb sucking, and he said:
"If you cut it off, then he'll suck his other one. If you cut that off, he'll suck his toes. So just let him!" I must say, this made me very is precious to watch Brayden suck his thumb!

Checked out good!

This past Friday, I took Brayden for his 4 month appointment with Dr. W! We have the "official" okay to start solids. He weighed 14 pounds 15 ounces, and was 25.5 inches! He got his shots out of the way, and his fever we've been dealing with is officially gone. HOWEVER, the MOST important thing that happened...
Dr. W thinks Braydens protein allergy is under control, and his reflux meds are working as of yesterday, we are weaning him OFF of Nutramigen! Mommy is SO excited about this! Going to buy soy formula was much cheaper and will last him a lot longer than what he has been on! It will take about 2 weeks to get the switch to soy, and then we can start fruits and veggies. We are having to wait because if he is on solids and has a reaction, we won't know where it came from.
At 4 months Brayden is:
  • smiling and cooing at every girl that walks by!
  • talks to himself in the mornings-but how fun to wake up to!
  • sleeping from 8-7
  • loving to play in the bath!
  • wearing 3-6 and some 6 month clothes
  • sitting in the highchair
  • standing as long as mommy can hold him!
  • sitting up in the stroller-out of the carrier! He loves to look around!
  • on rice cereal twice a day
  • stretching out his feedings more
  • rolling back to front-still working on tummy to back but getting there!
  • holding his head up
  • grabbing and reaching for things
We made our 6 month appointment and signed up for flu shots. So see you next time Dr. W!!!


About two weeks ago, I put together Brayden's bouncer. It's been sitting in the corner of his room, and this week...we pulled it out! Since Brayden turned 4 months this week, I went through his closet and pulled all the toys that say 4+. This is by far his favorite so far!!! Especially the frog! It's fun to watch him laugh and play in it, and it keeps him entertained while I fix bottles and dinner! YEAH!

August 17, 2009

Four Months and a Fever

Today, my precious baby boy officially turns 4 months old!! I cannot believe it! It started off as a great day! He woke up feeling better, laughing and cooing. He ate a 7 oz bottle (very quickly) and used the bathroom before I could even change his nighttime diaper!! Then we played a little, watched TV, and cuddled before I had to leave for work.

About an hour and a half into the work day I heard "Brooke Bridges, you have a phone call on line one." I knew immediately it was Mrs. Julie calling about Brayden. He had run a fever close to 100. I ran to the office and told them I was leaving and rushed to pick my precious baby boy up on his 4 month birthday!!! We sat together the rest of the day. He didn't eat well and slept a lot. The pediatrician told me not to bring him in unless his fever reached 100.5, and assured me since he checked him Friday, he knew he was okay. It's been such a hard day listening to him fuss and not know how to help him. Anyone looking at his pictures from today would think he was a perfectly fine little boy...but mommy knows this is NOT her happy smiley baby. Hopefully he'll be back to himself soon. :(

New PJ's!

Getting ready for bed!

Telling mommy and daddy goodnight!

Loves those hands!!!

Being sweet.

My favorite part of his new pj's!!

In the past few weeks, it seems like Brayden has just sprouted all over! We are having to trade out all his sleep and play outfits for new ones! This is mommy's favorite new one!!

August 15, 2009


As if it wasn't bad enough that I had to go back to work and leave my baby boy....he got sick his second full day away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I noticed a few days ago that Brayden didn't seem to be himself. He was more fussy and had a look in his eyes that wasn't right. I cleaned his nose out and it was slightly green. He went from sucking down almost 40 oz a day, to not finishing a 6 oz bottle. Then...I picked him up from Mrs. Julie's yesterday and she said "he has been asleep since 8 this morning. I had to make him get up! And he has only eaten 3 oz."
Immediately I knew...this is not my baby! I called the pediatrician and was on hold waiting for the on call nurse for what seemed like forever! I seriously thought about hanging up and calling 911. I just figured all the people who were possibly about to die on the other end might not appreciate me calling to say "my baby isn't feeling right."
I picked Brayden up at 3:15 and at 3:30 I was at the pediatrician's...with no speeding ticket. Dr. W agreed that something was terribly wrong. He examined Brayden and determined he does have a small "baby virus" but we are lucky because he isn't running a fever. His body is just fighting and making him not totally himself. He assured me that this is a great thing and says its probably from being around new people. He also says he thinks that the "transition" away from mommy has something to do with it too. Is it awful that that kind of made me smile?!?!? My baby isn't feeling well because he's away from mommy... I couldn't help but smile!!!
Anyways...he is sleeping a lot more during the day and is eating pedialite to help keep him hydrated though this. He says it should only last a few days and he will be fine. Next week I'll be back to see Dr. W for Brayden's 4 months appointment and if he isn't better we will wait on the shots. In the meantime my precious boy is sleeping in his crib and in mommy's lap most of the day until he feels better. I'm enjoying holding him so much because I know in 48 hours I'll have to be away again. I just hope he's better by then because leaving him is hard...but leaving him not feeling well would be WORSE!!!!

Fun in the bath!

A man's job

After getting home from work the other day, daddy and I kept hearing bird calls around the house. We knew there was a nest being built in our tree out front...but it seemed to be too far away for the sounds we were hearing. So...we put our ears up to the garage door and realized there was a bird SOMEWHERE in our garage!!! We opened the garage door, sure the bird would fly out-but the sounds continued. What happened next it funny-daddy picks up Brayden who is crying at the time, and mommy gets the large dusting stick (we use it to clean our fans) and walks around the garage poking places the bird could be. Wait a minute...what's wrong with that picture!! Shouldn't daddy have the stick and mommy have the baby!!!
Anyways...we poked everywhere we could think the bird would be!!! All of a sudden I see him out of the corner of my eye!!! (Then I scream and drop the stick over a bird the size of a baseball) This bird was sitting on the arm of daddy's chair just looking at us fools!! He NEVER moved! It was nuts! I've never seen a bird allow people to get so close. Even when I poked him he wouldn't move. Then I took a picture of him and he still didn't move! Eventually I poked him enough that he got annoyed and he walked...not flew...out of the garage and we quickly shut the door.

New Friends!!

Meet Lucy!

Meet Gibby!

We feel so blessed to have found such good child care for Brayden. Mrs. Julie is amazing! And even better than that...Brayden has two new BEST FRIENDS!!! Lucy and Gibby-my friend Heather's twins! When I picked him up Monday, Gibby and he were facing each other in the bouncers just "talking" away!! Too cute! Brayden loves his wubby so much, that he bought some for them too!-aren't their wubby ducks precious???

August 13, 2009

Hard Times

Today is day 1 without my baby boy...
I did a week of half days with him going to childcare, but this is the official first FULL day without Brayden. :(
How in the world am I going to make it through this!! Everyone says it gets easier...hope so!

August 11, 2009

Yummy Yummy!

About a week ago, I had spoken with one of the nurses at our pediatricians office. We had some problems with Brayden not sleeping through the night anymore and needing to ADD feedings through the day. This is strange because most babies take a larger amount and drop feedings. We seemed to be adding a larger amount and feeding him MORE!! The nurse said that Brayden seemed "desperate to start solid food." She determined that was the problem with him wanting to eat more and more. However, our pediatrician has been booking well visits 2 months in advance, so we have to keep our appointment for next week and can't come sooner.

Sooooooo....against everything any pediatrician would tell you...I made the "mommy common sense" decision to start my baby boy on rice cereal today!! Come on...he is 4 months on Monday! So it's only 5 days...okay 6 days early! He is double his birthweight (14.6 pounds) and is not getting full on just formula anymore. And...the nurse said "desperate" for solids!!!!

The whole first solid food experience was HILARIOUS!!!! First I got everything ready. I put his highchair cover on the highchair. I got extra burp cloths out. I put a towel in the seat of his chair so he could sit up higher and put a towel on the side since he isn't completely sitting up on his own. I mixed the rice cereal as directed for a first time feeding, and got out some different types of spoons we have.
Then, I put my precious boy into the highchair and he took his first taste of solid food!! As you can tell from his expression...he wasn't too sure about it at first!
His first few bites came right back out because he wasn't too sure about this "spoon" thing!
The entire time Cali stayed extremely close, and she licked up all the "extra" that fell on the high chair table! (Guess she learns quickly how to get extra food!)
After only a few tries Brayden started grinning ear to ear!! He LOVED it! I don't know if it was necessarily the food he loved, or if it was Cali licking him, or being up in the high chair...but he was all smiles the rest of the time!
I could tell not much food was staying in his mouth, so we went back to good ole' Mr. Bottle towards the end.
Then we tried some more eating with the spoon and Brayden laughed and just played with it! It was so cute!
The whole process took about 45 minutes, and once we were all done I placed everything in the sink. I turned back around and looked at Brayden and he was passed out asleep in his high chair!! Guess it was too much excitement for him to take!!!
So, we are obviously not quite ready for the spoon, but I thought I would try it! However, we are definitely ready for rice cereal!