August 17, 2009

Four Months and a Fever

Today, my precious baby boy officially turns 4 months old!! I cannot believe it! It started off as a great day! He woke up feeling better, laughing and cooing. He ate a 7 oz bottle (very quickly) and used the bathroom before I could even change his nighttime diaper!! Then we played a little, watched TV, and cuddled before I had to leave for work.

About an hour and a half into the work day I heard "Brooke Bridges, you have a phone call on line one." I knew immediately it was Mrs. Julie calling about Brayden. He had run a fever close to 100. I ran to the office and told them I was leaving and rushed to pick my precious baby boy up on his 4 month birthday!!! We sat together the rest of the day. He didn't eat well and slept a lot. The pediatrician told me not to bring him in unless his fever reached 100.5, and assured me since he checked him Friday, he knew he was okay. It's been such a hard day listening to him fuss and not know how to help him. Anyone looking at his pictures from today would think he was a perfectly fine little boy...but mommy knows this is NOT her happy smiley baby. Hopefully he'll be back to himself soon. :(

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Jennifer Harris said...

Hope your little one feels better soon!