August 23, 2009

Feels so good!

Along with his jumper, Braydens new favorite toys at 4 months are his soft blanket and soft puppy dog! When we lay him down or put him in his bouncer, he will giggle and play with his blankets for what seems like forever! He rubs them on his face, pulls them with his hands, puts puppy's face in his mouth! It is just too cute. I'm hoping he will become more attached to these, and less attached to his thumb...but I doubt it!
I spoke to the pediatrician about Brayden's thumb sucking, and he said:
"If you cut it off, then he'll suck his other one. If you cut that off, he'll suck his toes. So just let him!" I must say, this made me very is precious to watch Brayden suck his thumb!

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