August 23, 2009

Family Dinner

Brayden playing in his jumper. Patiently waiting for dinner time!

Here comes the choo choo train!!!

Since the day Brayden arrived, we have been looking forward to family dinners. It seems to be the only common time ALL three of us can sit down and be together. Between preparing for work, working, soccer, and daily errands, we seem to always be on the go! Since Dr. W gave the okay for solids to begin...we had our first REAL family dinner!! Daddy grilled steaks, Brayden played in his jumper while they cooked, and mommy set the table. We pulled the high chair up and ate together as a family. It was really special. Although, most of the attention ended up heading over towards Brayden since his food was going everywhere but in his mouth! But we still managed to eat our steaks and have a great time! Looking forward to more family dinners...

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