April 30, 2010

Fun at 1

-takes 2, 2 hour naps a day
-says "mama" "dada" and "bye bye"
-still sucks his thumb when he's tired or frustrated (I must admit I love this!)
-has now taken his first steps :)
-loves goldfish, vanilla wafers, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (which I try not to give him too much)
-loves the storm door
-likes to throw all of his books on the floor THEN look at them
-would ride in his cozy coupe all day if I would let him
-LOVES to be outside
-stands on his tip toes (too cute)
-turns the pages in books
-is no longer on formula of any kind
-wears size 6 diapers and 18 month clothes
-still hasn't had a bad time with separation anxiety THANK YOU GOD!!!!
-weights 24 pounds, 4 ounces and is 28.5 inches long
-dances with the music on his toys!
-loves his push and pull toys
-has 4 teeth (2 we can see but aren't quite through yet)
-sleeps 10-12 hours a night
-plays very well with his good friends Lucy and Gibby
-unfortunately has started temper tantrums where he throws himself on the floor and kicks (at least not in public yet!)
-shakes his head no
-still loves bath time :)

It's official!

Brayden took his first-well really many-steps tonight! He amazes me every day!

April 25, 2010


Monday: Brayden's 1 year doctor appointment!
All is well, and we have a happy healthy boy. Weighs 24lbs 4 oz, got 3 shots, told to stop bottle and baby food (easier said than done), starting whole milk, starting to wean off acid reflux meds finally!!!
Tuesday: starting whole milk
Dr. W said to just try giving Brayden milk cold turkey and see what happens...he loves it more than formula for sure!!! He made the switch no problem!
Wednesday: Wreck
I took my baby boy out to a gift shop to pick a few things up. This simple afternoon trip cost me big time. I was backed up into and spent the next 2 hours with the police. Good news is no one was hurt, Brayden didn't know what had happened, and my car is still drivable thank goodness. But next week we will take daddy's car and give him the rental :)
Thursday: Screaming baby
Brayden had a bit of a time with shots and still had some fever. No he has a runny nose on top of that which made for a LONG nap!
Friday: getting ready for the big move
Our school is going through an amazing renovation currently, however, I've been one of the lucky few chosen to move with 4 weeks of school left! So I am boxing everything in my classroom up and labeling EVERYTHING! I'm just hoping I can find what I need to get me through the end of the year! We are getting mixed signals about when this move is taking place, but I do know it is for sure next week!

It was just a busy buys week which left me no time to blog! I have some great photos to put up once I grab a "free" second in the Bridges' household!

April 18, 2010

1 Year Old!!!!!!

We got everything ready for Brayden's family and friends!
Mrs. Sites made his precious birthday cake!
We bought farm sippy cups for Brayden's friends!
Brayden got dressed in his special birthday shirt.
Lucy and Gibby came by to drop off his gift. Gibby started to get sick so they couldn't stay! We were so upset his good friends couldn't come. But then...
Heather and Pat called and said they got grandma to watch him so they were coming back with Lucy! We were so glad they could come back!

We put out his birthday banner on the deck.
How blessed he was with all these gifts!
Opening all those gifts was so much fun!

Banks came by to party too!
Brayden played with Aunt Britt for a while.
He got a ride on Thomas that he loved!

Pat and daddy tried really hard to get the wind to stop blowing out the candles.

Brayden wasn't too sure about the getting messy thing....you can tell he's related to me!

He did like the ice cream.

He liked his cow balloons too! And by the time everyone left, I think he had torn off and eat all of their stickers!
In the middle of his party we had to put Brayden down for a nap!!! Lucy was pooped too!
But it wasn't long before they woke up.

The sky got cloudy and the weather was PERFECT!

Mrs. Janet and Mr. Justin came and brought their corn hole game for all the adults to play!
We couldn't believe he would actually wear his party hat!!! But so glad he did!
That night we opened all his things up! He didn't know what to play with first!!!!!
Sunday morning he played in his new coupe from mommy and daddy. What a great first birthday! We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends surrounding our sweet baby boy!

April 11, 2010

Spring Break Day 5

Granddaddy and Nana came to stay the whole weekend with Brayden!!

Brayden got to open his first birthday gifts since Nana and Granddaddy can't be here next weekend. They drove all the way from Louisiana to see him!

He thinks Granddaddy is sooooooooooooo funny!

Nana helped Brayden and I get hand prints put on all his cards to mail to family and friends!

Brayden rode on the rocking horse Granddaddy bought him.

We will be going to Louisiana in July and I know Brayden can't wait! We had a great visit with Nana and Granddaddy!