April 18, 2010

1 Year Old!!!!!!

We got everything ready for Brayden's family and friends!
Mrs. Sites made his precious birthday cake!
We bought farm sippy cups for Brayden's friends!
Brayden got dressed in his special birthday shirt.
Lucy and Gibby came by to drop off his gift. Gibby started to get sick so they couldn't stay! We were so upset his good friends couldn't come. But then...
Heather and Pat called and said they got grandma to watch him so they were coming back with Lucy! We were so glad they could come back!

We put out his birthday banner on the deck.
How blessed he was with all these gifts!
Opening all those gifts was so much fun!

Banks came by to party too!
Brayden played with Aunt Britt for a while.
He got a ride on Thomas that he loved!

Pat and daddy tried really hard to get the wind to stop blowing out the candles.

Brayden wasn't too sure about the getting messy thing....you can tell he's related to me!

He did like the ice cream.

He liked his cow balloons too! And by the time everyone left, I think he had torn off and eat all of their stickers!
In the middle of his party we had to put Brayden down for a nap!!! Lucy was pooped too!
But it wasn't long before they woke up.

The sky got cloudy and the weather was PERFECT!

Mrs. Janet and Mr. Justin came and brought their corn hole game for all the adults to play!
We couldn't believe he would actually wear his party hat!!! But so glad he did!
That night we opened all his things up! He didn't know what to play with first!!!!!
Sunday morning he played in his new coupe from mommy and daddy. What a great first birthday! We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends surrounding our sweet baby boy!

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Jennifer Harris said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Happy Birthday to Brayden!!