April 6, 2010

Spring Break Day 2!

Today was "chore" day! Although it is Spring "Break", we have a to do list a mile long! So...
Brayden spent the morning with daddy while mommy went and got her toes made pretty and a hair cut! Then after nap time, we went to Party City to pick up some birthday party things (this makes me VERY excited!).
Brayden hung out at the storm door a good bit while daddy attempted to wash the pollen off our cars and mow the grass.

Then daddy baby proofed the house! YEAH!! This has been long overdue and it started to be a safety issue for our little one. He understands no-but doesn't always listen at this point, so we wanted to make sure he is kept safe!
Brayden desperately wanted to help daddy out!

Can you see the importance of getting the house baby proofed?? Notice anything unusual about this picture????
WELL!-There is NOT supposed to be a towel IN the tub with Brayden. I was changing out the toilet paper on the roll when I turned around to find this....
And I was in the SAME room...never left...how did I miss that!?! My crazy sweet boy is getting to be a handful!


Whitnie said...

hi! it was so fun to see you guys at walmart today! i was going to ask if you got the childproof locks installed yet but didn't get a chance to. i got my answer in today's blog. :-) what kind did you go with? we have tot loks and LOVE them!

The Bridges said...

We did the safety first locks and I can't get used to them! They won't work on our crazy drawers though so we may have to try the tot loks! Great to see you today! :)

Jennifer Harris said...

I can't believe how big he's getting! Hope y'all enjoyed the rest of your Spring Break!