April 6, 2010

Feeling down

We had one of the scariest experiences this week since Brayden has been born. For those of you mom's who have not had a child with the croup, consider yourself blessed! Brayden has been fighting a horrible virus since last Wednesday. I was concerned on Easter when he started wheezing and still had a high fever. Sunday night was a nightmare to say the least.
I went running into his room several times to the sound of what seemed to be him gasping for breath. We ran the steam in the bathroom just like you see in old movies, tried a breathing treatment, and listened to this horrible sound/cough all night long. So...first thing Monday morning we headed to see Dr. W.
He assured me my tears were worth it and convinced me my baby boy was going to be okay. After an antibiotic and steroid prescription were written, we were on our way. He even gave us the "OK" to head to NC for a day of shopping-said getting out would do him (and his stressed out mommy) some good. I love how our pediatrician never makes me feel crazy for bringing him in!

Dr. W did, however, give us one scary warning. He expected that night to be worse than the one we had. He said if he had another croup attack we were to immediately strap him in the car seat, roll down all 4 windows, and drive like mad to the hospital. HOSPITAL-says mommy! He assured me that the air should calm the attack and most likely I would end up turning back around before reaching the hospital, but just in case-to head that way. Seriously...
We have been so blessed though. Within hours of his first steroid treatment and antibiotic, he was acting better. We did not have a night of terror like Dr. W thought we may have. And he continues to get better and better as each hour passes. Today, he was our smiley baby boy and we are looking forward to the rest of our HEALTHY Spring Break!

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Kathy said...

Will hasn't had it, but I remember vividly the night that my brother (he's 10 years younger) had the croup attack - one of the scariest times of my life... and I was 10! Sure enough, as soon as the cold air hit, he was breathing (normally) again! So glad that nightmare is over for you!!! See you guys Thursday!