December 29, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Brayden got some of the most precious clothes for Christmas. Mommy has had the best time dressing him up each day!!

What will he wear tomorrow???


I'm just amazed at Brayden ever time I look at thim. Just year ago we had just found out he was a boy! And now he is here, sitting up and crawling, laughing and smiling. I just cannot believe it! As much as I want time to slow down so I can cherish this time with him, I look forward to every new mark he hits. Watching him grow has brought such valuable meaning to my life. I thank God every day for this amazing addition to our family.

Sunday Mornings with Daddy

On Sunday, Brayden decided to help daddy read the paper. They are two peas in a pod I tell you...

Baby #2

Since the day Brayden was brought home, I started getting the question: "When are you going to have another?" Well...I already have another. She has unfortunately taken the back burner of the blog for a while, but I decided to take the time to brag on my baby girl Cali. She is amazing with Brayden. He can pull, pinch, bite, and kick her and she just sits there and lets him! Cali has started to try and sleep in his room which is such a sweet thing...however because of allergies we are keeping her out of the nursery. Cali sits under Brayden's high chair while he eats which helps with cleaning up-like when mommy spills an entire container of peas all over the kitchen! Brayden thinks Cali is the funniest thing. He just laughs and laughs at her when she runs or barks. answer the question of "when is the next?"...
We're just going to stick with the two we have for the time being :)

December 25, 2009

Christmas Blessings

Our first Christmas with Brayden this year could not have been more perfect! I feel so blessed to have him here with me! Christmas Eve began with Brayden playing on our bed while we got dressed for dinner and church.
After everyone was dressed, we loaded up and rode to Gammie's house! That is where Brayden was given his favorite gift so far...his leap frog activity table. He couldn't get enough of it!

Mommy and daddy opened their gifts too. Mommy got a lot of clothes (just what I wanted), and daddy got an apron and some clothes too.

Like we do every year, we attended Christmas Eve service with family. It was a different experience with Brayden however...Chad and I alternated with who would go in the lobby with him!! It went passed his bed time...and he knew it! It just wouldn't seem right not attending church though, so we made it through!

After church, we came home and put Brayden to bed. Daddy and I opened gifts from one another just the two of us. He gave me a beautiful necklace and pair of earrings. I can't wait to wear it and show it off :)
Then, when we all went to be...Santa visited! Wasn't he good to our precious boy!!!

Then Christmas morning daddy and I video taped waking Brayden up and taking him to see what Santa brought. This will be a tradition we hope to continue every year. I know he is too young to know what was going on, but seeing his face light up made my heart melt. We waited for Aunt Britt, Gammie, and Great Grandma Millie to come over, so Brayden rolled and crawled around a while...

He played while we all opened gifts.

Then we enjoyed watching Brayden open and enjoy his presents!

He loved his Radio Flyer wagon!...and he loved his car that Gammie got him. Hopefully it will help him learn to walk!

After opening gifts, we enjoyed breakfast together. More family came in for lunch and we went up to Great Grandma Millie's house to spend some time together and remember our precious Papa Rod who we miss so very much. After eating WAY too much and spending some quality time with family we came home, bathed Brayden, and put him to bed. He had a good time playing with his new foam alphabet letters in the tub. (And this was his first time in the big boy tub!!)

What an amazing Christmas we had. We were all so blessed! Hands down the perfect first Christmas for Brayden and one mommy will never forget :) I hope everyone's Christmas was a blessed as ours...

December 23, 2009

Christmas with the Blackmons!

Rocking with mommy
Visiting with Mrs. Karen
Playing with Aunt Brittany
He liked Elizabeth's gift box! Overall, another great Christmas party!

December 21, 2009

First Christmas Party!

This Sunday, we had our annual Williamson Family Christmas party! It was the first time a lot of my family met Brayden. He was the center of attention! It's been a while since a baby has been in the family. Brayden ate green beans, rice, and mac and cheese. He LOVED it! Then we visited with relatives who live far off, and took a nap with mommy while daddy drove us home. It was a great first Christmas party for Brayden.

December 19, 2009

The Simple Things In Life

I love how my baby boy reminds me of the simple pleasures and joy in life. He has a million toys, tons of things to choose from...however all he wants is daddy's G2 bottle! Simple things bring so much...what a great time of year to remember that!

Ready for snow!!

December 12, 2009

Looking back...

As the end of 2009 approaches, I can't help but think back. Three major incidents stand out to me about this past year.
1. I lost one of the most important people in my life VERY suddenly-Papa Rod.
2. Some close neighbors lost both their children in a horrible car accident.
3. I had a baby.

I have found 2009 to be a major turning point in my life. Everything changed...everything. The way I view life, my goals, my wants, my morals, my spiritual life...And as I look ahead to setting resolutions for the new year, I find them much more deep than years past. Maybe it's because of the three things I remember about 2009, maybe it's just where I am in life.

I want to live life the way it is meant to be...Happy... life is short and I want to enjoy every minute with those I love.
I want to attend church more (Brayden's naps interfere with this currently).
I want to practice putting my God, my husband, and my son before myself.
I want to learn to accept being a working mom and remember that my work helps support my family.
I want to remember to tell my family I love them everyday!

I won't forget 2009. The major events that happened will stay with me always and have changed me forever.

December 10, 2009

Christmas Card Fun!!

I was hoping for just ONE really good picture for our Christmas card...and I got tons!!!