December 29, 2009

Baby #2

Since the day Brayden was brought home, I started getting the question: "When are you going to have another?" Well...I already have another. She has unfortunately taken the back burner of the blog for a while, but I decided to take the time to brag on my baby girl Cali. She is amazing with Brayden. He can pull, pinch, bite, and kick her and she just sits there and lets him! Cali has started to try and sleep in his room which is such a sweet thing...however because of allergies we are keeping her out of the nursery. Cali sits under Brayden's high chair while he eats which helps with cleaning up-like when mommy spills an entire container of peas all over the kitchen! Brayden thinks Cali is the funniest thing. He just laughs and laughs at her when she runs or barks. answer the question of "when is the next?"...
We're just going to stick with the two we have for the time being :)

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