June 27, 2010

The difference a year makes

This time last year...
Still unreal to me. I sure love this sweet baby boy!

Lake Day!

Today we took Brayden on the lake for his first time!

Emma came with us too.
He wasn't too sure about his life jacket, but I was a wreck without it on him!

Travis let Brayden drive the boat for a while!

And Brayden shared his snack with Emma.

We stopped at "Sandy Beach" to swim for a while.

Grandma JJ and I enjoyed the noodles, Brayden had fun in his float, and Travis swam with Emma. Daddy sayed on the bank with his toes in the water :)
Then Brayden took a break in the shade with daddy while we swam a bit longer.

Brayden thinks daddy is soooooooooooo funny!

We all got hungry so we started packing everything up.
Brayden couldn't get enough of looking at the water and all the beautiful islands around him.

Travis drove us around the islands looking for goats and birds.
We had so much fun on the boat! We took Brayen home for a nap, then we sat in the garage and watched the rain.
What a great day!

June 21, 2010

Like father, like son

Grandma JJ has been in Greece that past two weeks. She brought daddy and Brayden home a special surprise!

I just love these two boys to death!

Life's a Beach!

This past weekend we took Brayden to the beach for the FIRST time!!!
I got him a puppy pillow for the ride hoping he would nap with it...
he napped, but not with the puppy!!
We stopped at Zaxby's for dinner on the way there. Brayden managed to rub french fry grease all in his hair. But it was a cute hair-do....
This is where we stayed!
And we even had our own golf cart.
Riding in it was Brayden's favorite thing to do at the beach!
Before bed daddy watched the World Cup...
And Brayden had dinner!
Bright and early the next morning, we headed to the beach! Brayden liked the sand for about .5 seconds.
And then we got to the water....and it went downhill from there!
He started grabbing for daddy...HARD!
He just wasn't too sure about the waves.

Daddy tried to reassure him, but he wanted up!
So we thought maybe we would try just walking in the wet sand for a bit and let him get used to it.
But he didn't like that either!

So we went back to the golf cart and he immediately calmed down! The beach was just too much for him this year!
So daddy let Brayden help drive....do you know where he took us???

To the pool!!!!!!
So we played there for a loooooooooong time.

After pool time we went back and cleaned up. Brayden played "peek-a-boo" while mommy made lunch.

Then Brayden went down for a nap. When he got up we headed to Broadway at the Beach. We had an early dinner on the water and did some shopping.

Then of course we had to ride the golf cart some more!

We stopped to feed the geese.
and the swans...
and the mommy and baby ducks came too.
We left the next day during Brayden's nap time. He was pooped from all his fun!
When we got home, he helped me unpack. What a sweet boy!

Until next year...