February 27, 2009

Go Cubs Go!

Me and my student teacher Emily

My precious student teacher this semester shares the love of the Cubs with my husband! Her last day with me was today and she is going to be at another school, causing her to miss my baby shower! She has been telling me how excited she is about the gift she got me, and now I know why!!! I know this gift will make daddy VERY happy! Take a look...

Baby Cubs onsies and bottle!!

31 Weeks

Things going on so far:

  • It officially takes me 30 minutes to ATTEMPT to shave my legs the best I can!

  • I lost 2 pounds (total gain of only 23lbs at 31 weeks!) which confirmed that I do NOT have gestational diabetes!

  • I cannot sleep...at all...ever...in any position....with any pillow

  • I'm fighting a sinus infection which seems to be a problem with most pregnant women I know!

  • My iron is still low! So now I'm on TRIPLE doses. Oh the fun that brings!

  • Our baby boy is measuring at the "normal" size and heartbeat is good.

  • I am beginning to feel trapped in my own body!

  • I cry (or am on the verge of tears) at least once a day...no reason...just cry!

  • My baby showers start next weekend, YEAH!

  • The nursery is complete with the exception of shower gifts :)

  • Childcare is secure.

  • Pediatrician is secure!

  • My anxiety towards balancing life is starting to freak us out, but the changes that are coming make Chad and I SO excited at the same time!

  • I have had to resort to wearing my husband's T-shirts on warm days because my clothes supply is running low!

February 22, 2009

Baby Proofing Begins!

This weekend Chad and I began to get the house ready for baby! It was both exciting and frustrating at the same time. Before this weekend I would have told you my house was PLENTY big, but after trying to find space in the kitchen and closets for our little boy's things, we are starting to think we need more space! We cleaned out our guest room (now nursery) closet and put those things in other closets and in our master bedroom closet. Then we moved to the was room and bathrooms to find new places for the cleaning supplies so they are out of the reach of baby hands. Then we moved into the game room to move things around for baby toys. We ended up not having much space left! I must say though...it's exciting to open the closets and see baby stuff! Tomorrow is my next doctor's appointment, so hopefully he will say all is still going well :)

February 20, 2009

Growing excitement...and belly!

Chad and I have spent a lot of time laying together before bed dreaming about the day our baby boy will get here! We cannot wait for the day we can walk through our nursery boy and he be in his crib! Everything seems to be growing:
my belly
(his kick count!)
our collection of baby clothes
baby items around the house
parent magazines
baby gifts
and especially our excitement

We cannot believe in 9 weeks or less now we will have our baby boy in the world! My showers start in two weeks and all of his new things will start rolling in.

Monday is my next doctor's appointment. We are hoping I can get an increase in my sugar count, because 20 grams a day is just about to kill me! So we will continue to pray that all is well with my blood work and the growth of our baby boy. We just can't wait to have him here in our arms!!!!

February 16, 2009


Well, you know the saying...When it rains it pours.

Today we got the devastating news that my Aunt Judy's brain tumor (which was removed Thursday) is the most aggressive type of tumor. She is going to be in a 3o day recovery from the surgery, then they are going to start aggressive radiation and an experimental drug. The doctors say it is rare, but with these treatments, people have gone into remission. We just cannot believe it... The Tinder family needs your prayers. I spoke with her on the phone while my dad visited her today, and she is in the best of spirits. The preacher came to see her and he actually said to her "I came to counsel you, but you have ended up counseling me." She is so strong in her faith and I'm so glad for that. Please keep her in your thoughts...

On top of Papa Rod and Aunt Judy, my baby girl Cali began getting sick at 11:00pm last night and did not stop all day. We took her to the vet this afternoon to find out she has bronchitis...seriously... She is a very very sick puppy, but the vet says it is viral and WILL work its way out. She is just going to be sick the next 1-3 weeks. It isn't life threatening or anything, just hard to watch her hurt. She coughs until she gags and cannot lay very long because her throat hurts. Goodness...

2009 is starting out to be a very faith testing year. I'm so glad I have such a strong husband and family to remind me of all the blessings around me each day.

February 14, 2009

Beautiful Valentines...

Chad and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day together! Since he is gone to soccer practices late all week, we chose to stay in and just be together today. We met with a childcare provider early in the day...who we are praying works out for us! (A GREAT Christian woman!) We went to the mall and enjoyed buying each other a small something, and then came home to watch movies (and watch our baby boy roll around in my tummy!), then we grilled out steaks for our Valentine's Day dinner. It was such a blessed day just being together. I'm so glad God gave me such a wonderful man who makes me feel like everyday is Valentine's Day!

February 11, 2009

Getting Uncomfortable!

Everyone keeps asking me if I am "feeling uncomfortable yet." Well after this week, I can say I am starting to feel it! My legs are starting to swell from the extra weight, but I don't exactly have the job where you can kick your feet up. Bending down and getting up are A LOT harder than they have ever been before. I go to the bathroom so many times a day I lose count! I keep repeating in my head "10 weeks, 10 weeks..." Not that things will get easier then, but at least I will be able to move again! Did I mention I'm on a protein diet now...CRAZY! I have never had to watch or count calories, but now I'm having to watch my iron, sodium, and sugar contents. I don't even know what I'm looking for when I look at the label! So it's lots of fish, poultry, and red meat until baby Bridges gets here. Until then... I am definitely uncomfortable now!!

February 9, 2009

The Third Trimester

Today is my last 4 week doctor's appointment! Hopefully all will be well! We are at 28 weeks and I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable. It's harder to get up from a sitting position and out of bed in the morning, and I'm definitely visiting the restroom more often!!! My baby boy is VERY active, especially after meals and at night. It feels like he is trying to get out! We are getting closer to having child care, and closer to having our baby boy in our arm. We just can't wait!

The size of our baby!

February 7, 2009

Papa Rod

Conrad "Rod" Graham
CHAPIN - A memorial service for Conrad “Rod” Graham, 77, of Chapin, SC, will be held eleven thirty a.m. Thursday, February 5, 2009, at Chapin United Methodist Church. The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service at the church. Interment will be in Springfield Cemetery at a later date. Memorial contributions may be sent to Chapin United Methodist Church Building Fund, 415 Lexington Avenue, Chapin, SC 29036. Folk Funeral Home of Williston, SC, is assisting the family with arrangements.
Surrounded by his loving family, our beloved Conrad died Tuesday, February 2nd after a brief illness. During his 77 years of life, he had been a shining light to his family. His engaging sense of humor, his love of life, and his devilish smile will be greatly missed. Rod had many good friends and delighted in his fishing trips and gatherings with them. His ministry to others was his greatest achievement; his faith could not be shaken. The family greatly appreciates the love and support over the last two years that Jody Flowers, Paul Allen and the Chapin United Methodist Church family were able to provide. The family has appreciated the exceptional care provided by the Intensive Care Staff at Lexington Medical Center.
Born in Lyons, GA, Rod was a son of the late Willie Van and Agnes Gerald Graham; Rod received his associate degree from the University of South Carolina. He retired from the wholesale grocery business, having worked for Colonial Stores, Thomas Howard Company and, more recently, worked with Merritt Brokerage Company. He was an active member of Chapin United Methodist Church, the Thursday AM Group, United Methodist Men’s Bible Group, the Christian Fellowship Sunday School Class, the Jolly Christians and the Misfits Kitchen Band.
Survivors include his loving wife of 25 years, Mildred “Millie” Bennett Graham of the home; sons, Danny (Phyllis) Graham of Mooresville, NC, Steve Graham of Columbia, SC, stepson, Joey (Meree) Williamson of Norway, SC; stepdaughter, Judy Tinder of Irmo, SC, daughter-in-law, Shirley Graham; sisters, Betty Flowers of Tallahassee, FL, Mable (Horace) Kearse of Fairfax, SC, Diane (Wayne) Wright of McDonough, GA; brothers, Bobby (Linda) Graham of Dade City, FL; sister-in-law, Lottie Graham Anderson, SC; grandchildren, Rachel and Robert Graham of Mooresville, NC, Brooke (Chad) Bridges of Chapin, SC, Brittany Tinder of Irmo, SC, Joseph and Michael Williamson of Norway, SC. He was preceded in death by a son, Paul Graham, brothers, Edward Graham and Andrew Jackson Graham. Visit our on-line registry at http://www.folkfuneralhome.com/.

February 6, 2009

A little smile in the middle of hard times...

We have had some hard times the last 3 weeks, but in the middle of it all there is joy knowing that our baby boy is getting closer to being here! This week our glider came in, and next week our matress gets here. Once we have the crib set fixed up we will be almost there!

Tough Day

Yesterday was my grandfather's funeral. It was a tough day. The visitation brought tons of people which went to show how important he was in people's lives. While the visitation was taking place we had a power point of Papa Rod running. It was the hardest thing for me to watch. Especially the pictures of him holding us all as babies, feeding us, sleeping with us... I just know I won't have that experience and it is a hard realization to come to. Things are settling down and the fact that he really isn't here is starting to set in. Tomorrow is his burial in Springfield, and then we all have to go on with life after Papa Rod. I have no doubt where he is and I know I will see him again one day, but in the meantime I ache to have him here.

February 2, 2009

Hard Times

2008-Summer at the Beach House
Playing on the boardwalk-always laughs with Papa Rod!

Cutting up again!

Britt and Papa Rod

Today at 5:00pm our family suffered the tragic loss of my Papa Rod. He went peacefully and in no pain, which is the way it should be. I always heard when you are pregnant and not supposed to be "stressed" that things like this happen. I'm trying to keep it together and hope my baby boy cannot feel the sadness in my heart. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him. Prayers were answered, because there is no doubt where he is now.