December 30, 2008

Take Two!

Today Chad and I ventured BACK to Babies R Us to finish up our registry for Baby Bridges. I felt a lot more confident (still overwhelmed) than I did last time. Luckily my friend, and new mom, Hollie was shopping too! She really helped us out with finishing up and showed us some new things we may want to get! So as of today we have...
1-registered Baby Bridges
2-bought our crib
3-bought our changing station
4-signed up for childbirth classes (which start next week..ahhh!)
5-picked out paint for the nursery
6-listed up to the "8th" month on our "The Expectant Father" Cd's (Thanks Jason!)
7-found a pediatrician

Things are moving along quickly it seems! I have some showers lined up for March and April, and over the long break we have for Martin Luther weekend we plan on painting and putting together our crib and changing station! Things are getting exciting around the Bridges household!

December 28, 2008

Holiday Fun

The holidays were wonderful for the Bridges family! We were able to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family, and Chad's parents will be here to celebrate the New Years with us. I know he can't wait. We got some beautiful things for the house and Chad got his IPOD! Baby Bridges even had some Christmas presents under the tree! Since everyone else was buying for him, we decided to do the same. I went with my mom and she bought him some smock Christmas outfits for NEXT year! Ha, nothing like planning ahead. We have also started to work on a paint selection for the nursery. I've never seen so many shades of brown in my life! We get to pick up our bedding set tomorrow, so we plan to have the room cleaned out and pick up our crib and dresser in the next 2-3 weeks! I can't wait! We got over our overwhelming fear of registering our baby boy and finally decided on the "important" things we need for him. We have one more week left until we go back to work, so Chad and I are just enjoying our time together by eating out, watching movies, and laying in bed discussing all the great things to come in our future! We are going to begin meeting with pediatricians and in home care givers in the next few weeks. Pray the lord brings the best of the best into our lives to help watch over our boy!

December 23, 2008

Hard Day!

Today marks 21 weeks and 2 days. It was one of my tougher days! I came to the reality that it was time to take out my belly ring. Sounds like such a simple task doesn't it? But after TEN YEARS with having my ring, it was something I have been dreading and it was really hard to do! But as my belly gets bigger, my belly button is getting flatter, and flatter, and flatter! I have felt naked all day long without it! Every time I rub my belly or look down it's like a piece is missing. However, at the same time, it is exciting to know I'm moving into a new part of life...childhood OVER!

Besides today being a rough day, pregnancy is getting more and more exciting each day! I can feel our baby move a lot more each day. Every time I feel him move or kick it is an ease to my mind that he is okay! The nights are still rough with the leg cramps and sciatic nerve pain, but it's nothing compared to what it was in the first trimester. (I'm enjoying that relief while I can because the doctor assures me it WILL be back!) There is no sickness or major wierd cravings, and all is going well!

Chad and I are enjoying our time home together for the holiday break. We have been able to catch up on some time together at home and eat out some. Chad's parents are going to be with us for a few days next week and I know he can't wait to see them! We've been able to visit with my family some and we will be spending Christmas Eve and day with them. Today we visited the cemetery and left flowers for a dear friend we lost this year. As Chad and I look back over 2008 we cannot miss the blessings that God had brought to our lives. We enjoy looking back over our time together this year but are very anxious to get into 09' and meet our new little boy!

21 Weeks and 2 Days

Bye-bye Belly Ring

December 20, 2008


Today we set out with high hopes of an exciting experience. We arrived at Babies R Us at 9:30 this morning (opening time) because we could not wait one more day to register our little man! We filled out papers and got our "gun" to begin registration...then we made our way over to the bottle WALL. Things went downhill after that. Who knew there were about 500 different brands and types of bottles!!! By the time we left we were completely overwhelmed! We actually stopped halfway through the store to take a breather and just decided to go home and think some more! Our experience was definitely exciting, it's just the realization of the MANY needs of baby can be a lot to handle. We have come home and made list of the necessities, called friends for some advice, and plan to make attempt #2 at our baby registry AFTER Christmas!

December 16, 2008


It is finally official

It's a BOY!!!

After what seemed to be the longest wait in a doctors office, we were finally taken back to the ultrasound room. Both my mom and my little sister were able to be there with us which made things extra special! There was a lot of checking at this 20 weeks ultrasound which also seemed to take forever long! But the baby has 4 hard working heart chambers, the appropriate amount of brain and spinal fluid, and the spine and bones are measuring well! Overall we have a healthy healthy baby boy! As soon as the ultrasound picture made its way down to the opposite end of baby, it took my breath away! I saw the confirmation I needed in 2 seconds! I couldn't say anything, my mouth just dropped and the technician confirmed with "Yep, it's a boy!" I thought Chad was going to fall over. Only 8 short weeks ago we were told "girl", and today we switched to 100% boy. After the initial shock we both couldn't stop grinning!

We also signed up for our childbirth classes which begin in January, and met with our head nurse to begin talk about finding a pediatrician. It seems so early to be doing that, but really we are over halfway through the pregnancy now!

My friend Beth from work bought baby boy Bridges his FIRST official BOY TOY!!! It is a cute doggie blanket which I rubbed all over my face for hours because its so soft! This has me pumped to begin work on our nursery now! Thanks Beth!

We are already being asked what the name will be for our baby boy, but for now we are just going to keep it to ourselves! We are trying some out to see what we like best :) I'll let you know as soon as possible. We don't go back to the doctor until January, so in the meantime, we will enjoy Christmas with our family (Yeah! Chad's family will be coming to town) and I'm sure we will have to venture out and buy some boy things for Christmas as well! Chad and I are enjoying laying in bed talking about the future of our little one...footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, Chad's favorite-guitar hero buddy. We just can't wait for what's to come!

December 15, 2008

It's a Boy!!!

More to come later...Exahusted after a long afternoon at the doctor! But it is def. a boy!!!

December 14, 2008


It seems like just last week I was waking Chad up to tell him I had taken a positive pregnancy test! Today marks the halfway point in our pregnancy and we can hardly believe tomorrow we will be putting a name to the "it" in my belly. As we look back on the last 4 and a 1/2 months in our lives we become very aware of the many blessings God has given us.
1) Getting pregnant for us happened quickly and easily.
2) The bleeding hemmorage which could have had a horrible result slowly moved out of my body with no harm to baby.
3) The first 12 weeks were not TOO horribly bad, and I was able to make them though without missing one day of work!
4)All of our genetic and blood testing came back with clear results.
5) The large amount of iron that I have had to take to help me cope with my severe anemia has not had any major side effects.
6) I have a nurse who takes my calls at all hours of the day (and sometimes night) to answer every stupid question I have!
7) Friends and family have shown great support which lets us know our baby is going to be very loved!
8) Chad and I both have bosses who support us though this time and have been very understanding about the days we are on the phone with each other or doctor, and the days we have had to leave early for doctors appointments.
9) I have managed to find some of the "cute" maternity clothes everyone keeps talking about!!!
10) I don't think I've driven Chad too crazy yet!! No MAJOR, let me repeat...MAJOR mood swings yet! :) Love you honey!

I know there are like 100 more blessings that I am reminded of everyday, but with my pregnancy progressing I am forgetting things more and more!!! (I think Chad likes this a little too much!) As we move into the 2nd half of pregnancy, we are thinking we are ahead of the game! We have purchased a crib and bedding set, which we will pick up and work on the nursery over Christmas break. Once we find out what baby is we will go ahead and paint the nursery. I have a shower in early February and the rest in March, so then we will have a place to store baby Bridges new things! We have decided on names for the baby, which we can put into place tomorrow...and we are almost positive we have childcare taken care of. We have two wonderful (in home) places which would work for us. And I'm still hoping Laura will decide to stay home and watch my baby :) :) All we have to do now is register for our baby! Hopefully we can get that done over our nice Christmas break from work as well.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed and written such sweet thoughts to Chad and I. We are so thankful we have you all to share this experience with!

December 12, 2008

Two Days!!!!

We are only 2 days away to finding out what baby Bridges will be! We hardly know how we will sit this weekend. Our appointment is at 3:00 on Monday! Hopefully baby will cooperate and we will get a clear view of what we need to!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to vote for what you think the baby will be! We have an idea, but we'd love to know what you think!

December 9, 2008

Family Fun

This weekend my sister and I drove to good ole' Norway, SC for my grandfather's 80th birthday celebration! It was fun to get together with family we haven't been able to see in a while, and share the news of baby Bridges with those who don't live close. And my little sister has decided to drive back next week to go to the doctor with us when we find out what the baby is which is exciting. I'm glad "Aunt Britt" will be able to be there! The countdown is now at 5 days!!!

My cousin Joseph, and my little sister Brittany.

My mom, grandaddy Joe, and little sister.

December 6, 2008

Holiday Fun

Last night Chad and I were able to let go of some stress and get together with friends for my work Christmas party. It was a lot of fun! With the holidays coming up, both of our groups of kids (middle school and elementary school) are becoming a little hard to handle. They are so excited about school break coming up. As are we... We were able eat dinner and hang out with some people we have been meaning to get together with, and get to know some new people as well. We have been so thankful through this experience to have such understanding bosses who support us in our journey with baby Bridges. They have been great about when we have had to leave early or be on the phone with the doctors. This Christmas season we have a lot to be grateful for!

December 4, 2008

18 Weeks

We are 18 weeks now...almost 19 really! I am getting more and more anxious to find out the gender of our little one! Only 11 days to go! It is a scary reality to realize that also on that day we will be marking the halfway point in our pregnancy! In 4 short months (give or take a few days) we will be parents. We have gotten a lot accomplished such as: buying our crib, buying our bedding, painting the nursery... But we still have A LOT to do before baby gets here. I'm feeling pretty good most of the day. The baby has shifted itself on my ribs which can make standing and sitting a little uncomfortable. Everyone keeps saying "Get your rest now, because when the baby gets here...." This is almost impossible for me because night time is the worst! The baby decides to throw a party in my belly each night causing me to have to go to the bathroom one hundred times! Oh well, I know it will all be worth it in the end!

December 1, 2008

Birthday Fun!

This past Saturday I turned 27. Despite the devastating loss the Gamecocks suffered, it ended up being a GREAT day! My best friend Amanda bought me my first baby gift (an infant Gamecock outfit and Gamecock pacifier!). How appropriate! She also gave me a precious Carolina cake which like the real Gamecocks, quickly disappeared! So I got to spend the day with the best husband and friend someone could ask for, and later that day after I had gotten home I got the best birthday gift ever....our baby moved for the first time!!! It was so exciting! Although the baby moved to permanently secure itself in my rib cage, I feel blessed to know the baby is alive and well (and very active). Our doctor's appointment has been moved up a few days, so on December 15th we will be able to announce what baby Bridges name and gender will officially be!

November 26, 2008

Crib Shopping

Well we are approaching 17 weeks and are becoming more and more anxious to finding out what gender our little one is! We can hardly sit around and wait... Today we purchased our crib and custom bedding set! The bedding goes for either gender so we just couldn't wait!!! The crib is the one in the set below. A cherry finish sleigh crib...absolutely beautiful! When we put our bedding set against it, we knew instantly it was the one we wanted. Once we get the nursery painted and the crib put together we will post pictures of our nursery in progress.

November 22, 2008

Baby Heaven

This weekend Chad and I ventured out to begin our crib and baby furniture search! We have been to my dad's store and Babies R Us a million times. We couldn't seem to fall in love with anything. Then today we ventured over to the other side of town and walked into baby heaven!!!! Better's their big holiday sale! We took a few pictures of cribs we love (this pic is our favorite so far), and we are going to take the week to think about what we really want. The bedding set we decide on needs to match the crib, so we are having the big debate with cherry or expresso wood! It's hard to decide not knowing the gender of the baby! But even so...we got really excited today shopping for baby Bridges and can't wait to actually make our purchase and bring it home!

November 20, 2008

17 Weeks

Another doctor's appointment down. Our BIG one is next!!! I got to hear the heartbeat and was measured to make sure baby was growing. Everything was great, except they put me on the dreaded iron pills! I've heard they make you pretty sick, so I'm not looking forward to starting them... We also had our genetic blood testing done to make sure everything is okay with baby. Please pray this week as we wait for those results to come in. Hopefully all test are negative and we have made it through the most critical half of pregnancy with no problems. Things at home are changing as well as my body! Cali can definitely tell something is up. She has become A LOT more needed than usual and has to be constantly touched. Today is her birthday and she turns 4! It feels like we just got her. We are going to get her some special doggy treats this afternoon and spend some time with her. I'm sure she will feel pretty neglected for a while once baby gets here and our attention shifts! Well, we are on the countdown to find our what the gender of our baby is! Only 27 more days...

November 18, 2008

Sweet Thoughts

We have been so blessed to have such an easy pregnancy so far! It is comforting to both Chad and I to know so many people are praying for the health and safety of our family. Each day it seems like we get a new email or card with warm thoughts. We are approaching 17 weeks and are on the countdown to find out what our baby is! Only 29 days to go... We have decided to wait and share names until we know the gender of the baby, but we are pretty set. Crib and furniture shopping is our next big adventure! Our next doctors appointment is tomorrow, so until then...

November 12, 2008

A Pain in the Butt!!!

When my doctor was discussing my pregnancy with me, one of the first things he told me about was this sciatic nerve which runs down your back and into your legs. He said "because you teach and are on your feet all day, it may be a problem for you." Oh boy has it been a problem!!! While everyone seems to have a different opinion for how to treat this, I have not found anything that works yet! Warm bath, body pillow, two pillows between your knees at night, sleeping on the opposite side of the pain, 30 minute-leg up breaks, massages (which I'm up for!), floor exercises (do you know me at all!)... Oh let me count the suggestions! My next doctors appointment is on the 19th, so I guess I will tough out the pain in my butt until I can talk to him about it more!!

November 6, 2008

Sinus Infections and Baby Clothes!

For the past 8 days I have been fighting one heck of a sinus infection! The doctors said it was safe to take Claritin and nose spray, so they have been my best friends lately. The only thing that seems to take the cough away is hot cocoa, so I've been through two boxes! Today I finally began feeling some relief. Mom and I went shopping for Chad's birthday gifts, and couldn't help but stop by the baby stores as well (couldn't control ourselves). I am so anxious to discover whether we are having a boy or girl so I can start buying all the precious things out there! Only 5 more weeks until then...

November 2, 2008

14 weeks

It's official....the baby bump is starting to show!!! Oh lord!

Weekend in Savannah

Since I've been feeling better, I decided it was time to actually attend one of my husbands soccer tournaments! He has been so patient and understanding through this experience and it's time that I find small ways to thank him. It's always so rewarding to my soul to watch Chad with his teams. His guidance and caring spirit with his teams remind me of what a wonderful father he will be. We enjoyed the weekend away together (knowing it may be one of the last alone!). Chad's varsity team starts up in January and Christmas is always a busy time, so we figured it was one of the last as "the two of us" least for a little while!

October 31, 2008

Just for Fun!

We want to know what you all think! Go to the site below and take a vote!

October 29, 2008


Well I finally reached week 14 and finally have started feeling better!!! This weekend Chad and I are heading to Savannah. We figure it will be the last traveling weekend for us due to his soccer schedule and then me being way too huge to sit in a car very long! I am still finding myself anxious to start showing, but I have a feeling once I do I'll want to go back! I get a lot of "where is it" and "there's no way" comments at work and from friends, so I'm eager to show my proof! They may not be seeing much....but I sure can! Chad has still been extremely supportive, even though I know I'm aggrivating him to death at times! He even helped me clean the house this week...what a man! We are still batteling over boy names but are pretty sold on our girl name. We have decided what colors to do our nursery in (for either gender) and we are beginning our crib search! As I feel better and better, I am getting more and more excited. Especially as we start getting closer to collecting baby Bridges things!!!

October 23, 2008

A Strong Heartbeat!!!

My 13 week doctor's appointment was yesterday and it was exciting to hear the heartbeat so strong! He has dismissed any high risk due to the hemmorage I had and said we are officially "in the clear!" It was great to have the doctor give us the okay to get super excited! As exciting as it was, it also had its low points. I have officially gained 6 pounds and passed the 110 pound mark for the first time in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A little scary, but at least it's for a good cause! I spent the night thinking...where did 6 pounds come from!?! Then I began to recall the nights of ice cream and trips to Hardee's in the last few weeks :) So I am going to have to start watching what I eat a little more closely!!!

October 17, 2008

12 Week Ultrasound

Yesterday was the most amazing day of our lives! Seeing our baby (acutally look like a baby) was so wonderful. As soon as the ultrasound cut on, we could see our baby moving around and see a heartbeat. The heartbeat measured a strong 171 and the fluid check for its neck was good too! We actually got to count 10 fingers and 10 toes through the new 3 and 4-D photos. It was unexplainable to watch our baby move its hands and body as the nurse poked my stomach. It's still way too early to feel myself, but I am anxiously awaiting the time when I can feel my baby move! We had a 75% accurate gender reading done, but we still aren't convinced yet! We are going to wait to our 20 week to make sure its what we think! The reality that a baby is on its way hit Chad and I hard and we had fun talking future plans in the car on the way home. God is great and the baby is healthy! So much to be thankful for!

October 12, 2008

Having Fun with Friends

Chad has been so patient and supportive through this crazy time we are having. One of the ways he relaxes is to go outside with our good friends the Patricks (Caroline and Jarret) next door. They have 3 precoius kids that ADORE their Mr. Chad. As a matter of fact, they like him so much that they call me "Mrs. Chad" most of the time! We are lucky to have them so close to ask questions and share frustrations. Caroline is my "please share in my mysery" friend when the morning sickness is more than I can handle. Jarret helps Chad relax by assuring him he will be a great father, and allows him PLENTY of practice with his three handfulls!!! We are so thankful to have the Patricks in our lives and look forward to sharing this experience with them.

October 11, 2008

Stress and Carolina Football

Today Chad and I spent the day at home together. We had lunch in, took a walk with Cali, and watched some Carolina football. The one thing I have read in all of my pregnancy magazines and books is to keep the stress level of your body down as much as possible. Well if you know anything about being a Gamecock fan, you know that every Saturday is FULL of stress! Today was no different. We came out on top, but I feel like I need to go to bed at 7 just to calm my nerves!! Ha! Only 4 days until our next ultra sound and we can't wait!!!

October 8, 2008

10 (and a half) weeks!!!

I am feeling more and more confident about things going well as we grow closer to the 12 week mark. The sickness is growing weaker while my food cravings are increasing like crazy!! My bank statements are a joke! 1.25 for a slushie here, 2. 50 for a burger there... I am spending more each week in gas driving from Chapin to Irmo to feed myself! Chad is just enjoying that part of the ride! We have our next ultra sound next week and I can't wait. I want to actually see a "baby" this time, and they assure us we will. Maternity clothes are starting to make their way into my closet, although most people can't tell anything yet. I wore my first pair to work today and got made fun of! It's just difficult to sit down or bend over comfortably in my "normal" jeans these days. They hit me in an uncomfortable spot. After wearing my maternity pants for a day I have to tell you...what was I worried about! They are so comfortable!

October 4, 2008

Do people in SC get pregnant!?!

Well today I conquered my fear and bought my first pair of maternity pants! Much to my surprise, I discovered that NOWHERE in South Carolina do they sell size 0 maternity pants. Let's check through the list: first Target (no 0), then Motherhood Maternity (they laughed at me), Old Navy (ehh), then the internet. After hours of searching I found that there are websites such as Gap and Ann Taylor that sell sizes that small but the other side of that coin is they cost a fortune!!!! So I bought a too big size pair of jeans from Old Navy to get me through, and in the meantime, I'm going to pray that my Gap online order comes in and everything fits!!!

September 25, 2008

9 Weeks and no Tummy yet!

I have offically made it to 9 weeks and haven't gotten a tummy yet! As a matter of fact, I have lost a pound! How does that happen??? I can tell my pants are getting a little more snug, but there is no baby big enough to poke out yet! This means I have at least a few more weeks before I have to go into Lisa's maternity pants! I still feel sick a night, but the tiredness is getting better thank goodness. I go to bed at 7 instead of 5 now. As scary as it is to think of my belly after 26 years in a size 0, I am anxious to see the baby growing and am actually looking forward to a baby bump in the future!!!!

September 22, 2008

Another Dr. Appointment!

I was fortunate enough to get the day off today! I had a doctors visit this morning and a dentist visit this afternoon. All is still well! The baby is progressing just like it should and my iron count is up thank goodness! I have hear that having to take iron supplements can make you sick, and I do NOT need anything adding to my uneasy stomach. It was definitely an interesting trip to the doctor today though. When I got there, I noticed all of the nurses sticking their heads down the hall. When I was sitting in the waiting room I couldn't help but notice they continued to stick their heads around the corner to look at me. When I got called back I asked my nurse if I had something on my face! (I was convinced there was leftover cheese and bacon on my face) She filled me in on the fact that the nurses were "hoping" my husband would be accompanying me to this visit this morning. As soon as I laughed and announced that Chad was not going to be there...they all flocked to other places. It was hilarious, but what can I say. My husband is beautiful!

September 20, 2008


Today I got to visit my friend Lisa and her two boys. Lisa sent me home with 4 bags of maternity clothes! She is a great friend! I remember Lisa as always being dressed so cute when she was pregnant, but I can't quite get excited about the maternity clothes yet. I think as my belly progressively gets bigger and I get more comfortable with my new body I'll be excited about them! My pants are starting to get a little tight, and now I have some reserves for the morning I wake up and can't button my pants!!!

September 19, 2008

8 weeks!!!

I am becoming more and more anxious as the first trimester moves on! Since our scare this past week, I have been very eager to get to the 12 week mark. Only 4 more to go. I am remaining faithful that all will move smoothly! Monday I go for all of my OB work, and today we got one of the important benchmarks in the mail. THE BILL!! All I can say is... Thank you God for my great insurance! My sickness hasn't been as bad since I switched back to my old prenatal vitamins, however the fatigue is still hitting me hard. It's amazing that its 7:30 pm and I'm not asleep yet! This may be a pregnancy record for me! As we hit the 8 week mark, I am feeling so blessed for every day and I'm getting more and more excited. Chad is planning to take me to Babies R Us when he gets back in town from his soccer tournament, and I can't wait! We are dying to start buying items for our little one (even though its probably still too early for that)!

September 17, 2008

1st Ultrasound

Today ended up being our first ultrasound! It was both the scariest and most exciting experience ever! At school today I started bleeding and immediately called the doctor. I had to leave school and go straight to the doctor. Not the way you want to have an ultrasound...but exciting at the same time. Chad was able to leave school and my mom met us at the hospital. I went hoping for the best, knowing that bleeding can happen sometimes. The good news is that the bleeding was caused from a blood hemorage and is not hurting the baby at all. As soon as the ultrasound came on the screen I started looking for a heartbeat! It was there and strong! It was so exciting. The yolk sack has split, the heartbeat was 141 beats per minute, and the baby was the length it should be at this time. It was such a relief to see! Our next ultrasound is October 16th and we will be looking for an actual baby then! Chad and I are counting down the days :) So far so good! Thank you God for your blessings!

September 15, 2008

7 Weeks!

We are at the 7 week point! Next week we will get our first ultrasound to hear the heartbeat and hopefully see our seed of a baby on the big screen. I never though I'd be so excited to see something so small. Baby fever has definately hit me. I find myself constantly reading Baby magazine, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, and searching the internet for nursery items. Although I'm not feeling the greatest, I know it will be passing sometime soon. Smells are absolutly driving me crazy now and I hit the bathroom about 100 times a day. Still no sickness, although I feel pretty blah almost all afternoons. I am just so excited and thrilled to be pregnant and I cannot wait for the future as a family of 4!!! (Cali being the 4th!)

September 11, 2008


Everyone has told me that my lab will "step up" to the plate when I get pregnant. She is such a nervous and anxious dog, I had SERIOUS doubts! However, she has pleasently surprised me lately. She has become very protective of me and a lot more alert when its just she and I at the house. When Chad is at soccer practices/games or at work late, Cali has started putting her body between me and whichever door I am closer to! She perks up to sounds a lot more and follows me everywhere! (Some may say that is no different!) I just hope she makes the adjustment to a child well. She shocks me when I watch her play with neighbors children. She can play so hard with Chad, and become so gentle when the little ones come around. It's neat to watch! I'm hoping she becomes equally as protective over our little one!

September 9, 2008

Baby Bible

My luxury reading has drastically shifted as the weeks progress. I went from all teacher professional development books and Shape magazines to "Pregnancy Week by Week." It's comforting to read so I know the things I'm feeling as the days go forward are not abnormal or threatening to the baby in any way. Although I have to doesn't tell you EVERYTHING. My nurse Dorothy and I...we are going to be GREAT friends!!!

6 Weeks

Well...only 7 1/2 more months to go! I have been so fortunate to not be feeling bad, but today that all changed! The sick feeling has set in. Standing up, walking, taking my prenatal vitamins, and brushing my teeth were major chores today. I'm hoping I can fight the morning sickness for the sake of my first graders! My prenatal vitamins were switched, so I'm thinking that's where the sick feeling is coming from! Well, maybe that's just what I am hoping! We are getting really excited about our first ultrasound on the 22nd. We made it a week later than most people because Chad wanted to be there. Taking off work when you teach is easier said than done, but we found a date that matched for both of us. At 8 weeks we will be able to hear our babies heart beat and check out the small seed growing inside. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

September 4, 2008

The First Doctor's Visit!!!

Today was our FIRST appointment! It put so much stress to rest for me. After the exam and blood work we got the "you really are pregnant" papers and our due date...MAY 3rd! How exciting! Everything is looking great and the countdown is on!!! Our first ultra sound is September 22nd, so hopefully we will have our first baby picture to share!

September 1, 2008


As our first doctors appointment approaches I am getting more and more nervous! I want to make sure things are going well and healthy before we make our announcement to friends. I feel so great at times it's hard to believe there is actually a baby in there! I want to lay back and feel blessed for these great feelings, but something in me is needing the doctor to give the okay! How crazy is it that something as small as a lintel bean can change everything in your life! Everyday is getting more and more exciting. (We are currently at 5 weeks)

August 30, 2008

Feeling Good

It is unbelieveable how good I feel to be pregnant! I am so blessed to have no morning sickness at all so far. Although the other symptoms are trying to get me! The fatigue has definitely set in, I'm in bed by 6:00 everyday. Soreness and cravings have set in, but all are pretty easy to deal with. Teaching first grade requires me to be on my feet and moving a lot. There isn't any down time. The lord really blessed me to be able to work so easily while beginning a pregnancy. We go to the doctor on Wednesday and we are hoping for a heartbeat! They say sometimes it takes longer to hear, but we are hoping...

August 25, 2008

Telling the Secret...

This afternoon, we decided to go ahead and tell only immediate family our news. First our parents, then our siblings. I went to my mom's house with a wrapped "grandmother" angel. Before I got through the door she said, "Are you pregnant?" How does she do that!?!!?! I never understand how she knows exactly what I'm feeling or what is going on with me. I guess that is why we are so close! Then the time was followed with hugs and advice on what was to come. Chad's mom was equally as thrilled and I think my dad was just in shock!! I called my sister next. She answered the phone and I said "Hey Aunt Brittany!" It didn't take her too long to get it! I know she is equally as thrilled. We cannot wait to tell our friends and the rest of both our families our secret...

The Announcement!!!

I've always been told to wait until you are 6-8 weeks pregnant to announce it to the world. If you know me at all, you know this is next to IMPOSSIBLE for me! I'm not sure what the rules are with babies, but I know we can't go another day without announcing we are pregnant!!! I thought if I started my blog, it would help me deal with the excitement and temptation to tell others until it's time! Chad and I are just so excited! In my head I had the best plan to tell Chad we were expecting. It was all carefully thought out for months. Romantic dinner, daddy book, positive test wrapped up as a gift... However, when the test came back positive (at 5:30 in the morning) I just burst into the bedroom waking him up with a "IT'S POSITIVE!!!" So much for plans... Chad assures me that no matter the way he found out, it doesn't matter. He is thrilled either way! Stay tuned for the growth of baby Bridges! :)