October 12, 2008

Having Fun with Friends

Chad has been so patient and supportive through this crazy time we are having. One of the ways he relaxes is to go outside with our good friends the Patricks (Caroline and Jarret) next door. They have 3 precoius kids that ADORE their Mr. Chad. As a matter of fact, they like him so much that they call me "Mrs. Chad" most of the time! We are lucky to have them so close to ask questions and share frustrations. Caroline is my "please share in my mysery" friend when the morning sickness is more than I can handle. Jarret helps Chad relax by assuring him he will be a great father, and allows him PLENTY of practice with his three handfulls!!! We are so thankful to have the Patricks in our lives and look forward to sharing this experience with them.

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