October 8, 2008

10 (and a half) weeks!!!

I am feeling more and more confident about things going well as we grow closer to the 12 week mark. The sickness is growing weaker while my food cravings are increasing like crazy!! My bank statements are a joke! 1.25 for a slushie here, 2. 50 for a burger there... I am spending more each week in gas driving from Chapin to Irmo to feed myself! Chad is just enjoying that part of the ride! We have our next ultra sound next week and I can't wait. I want to actually see a "baby" this time, and they assure us we will. Maternity clothes are starting to make their way into my closet, although most people can't tell anything yet. I wore my first pair to work today and got made fun of! It's just difficult to sit down or bend over comfortably in my "normal" jeans these days. They hit me in an uncomfortable spot. After wearing my maternity pants for a day I have to tell you...what was I worried about! They are so comfortable!

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