June 30, 2009

He's Still Alive!!

I made the hardest mommy decision yesterday. After running into a friend who just had a baby, I about died when they said their son was 2 weeks and sleeping 6 hours a night. SERIOUSLY! It was time to do something about Brayden's "every 3 hour" feedings at night. So.......
Mommy decided it was the night he needed to cry it out. It was an awful experience for me, but I know in the long run it's better for parents and baby. He went one 5 1/2 hour series before feeding, then a 4 hour series before it was time to get up and start the day. Having just 1 feeding a night is NOT something we are used to.

And this morning...Brayden and mommy are both still alive! He didn't cry himself to death like I feared! He is laying on his playmat as we speak just cooing at everything, so I know he is okay! What's funny about it all is that I think it is much harder for me to get used to this schedule than Brayden. He is only crying because that is what I trained him to do. Notice all the "I's" in this post! I know, I know, I did it. I made him not sleep through the night yet. But come on, I'm a new mom and just learning as I go. I don't think I have damaged him for life by feeding him more at night than I should!

I have read that it takes 3 nights of crying before they get used to a new schedule, so only 2 more to go!!! We will see!

June 29, 2009

A Horrible Tragedy

This afternoon I got a chilling phone call.

An amazing couple, the Hewitt's, that lives across the street from us are in immediate need of prayer. They are a young couple with two children (3 and 5). This morning she was taking her children strawberry picking and was in a horrible accident involving a motorcycle, another car, and dump truck. The children were both killed, and she is in critical condition. Tonight at 7:00pm there is a prayer service for the family. As a mother, I can not even imagine the pain this family is going through. What tragic loss to lose both your precious angels in one second. This husband and father has a long road ahead of him. We have to pray now that mom makes it, for she is not doing well. When the call came in to me this afternoon, I think I stopped breathing for a moment. What an awful tragedy. Please pray!!!


June 28, 2009

Confessions of a New Mommy

Just some things I can actually confess now!

  • Labor was surprisingly soooo easy! Now I know why people have more than one baby!

  • I was ready for everything EXCEPT the hormonal changes women go through after birth!

  • When Brayden spits up and it lands on the floor, Cali licks it up-and I let her!

  • I'm bottle feeding, and never attempted breast feeding. I knew it wasn't for me.

  • Cabbage on the boobs is a lifesaver to dry up your milk!!!
  • I let Brayden suck his thumb. I think it is adorable!
  • I like when Brayden sleeps on my tummy. Sometimes in the middle of the night I let him sleep there instead of risking waking him when putting him in the crib.

  • I was scared to hold my baby when he was born, but now I can't put him down!

  • When Brayden poops, I think it is hilarious!

  • I've been peed on twice.

  • Brayden spends most of the day in just a diaper! Hey-we have blankets!

  • I use the swing to get a break, even thought I know it's going to put Brayden to sleep!

  • I clean Brayden's bottles better than I clean my own dishes!
  • I am obsessed with the "happy mom" collection of shirts! I have 3 (and a hat!)!

  • I love taking bath's with Brayden.

  • I spent more money on Brayden's nursery furniture than the furniture in my bedroom!

  • I'm scared my tummy will never be the same!

  • I don't want to go back to work because I want to be at home with my baby boy the rest of my life!

  • I think my child is the cutest baby on the planet!

June 26, 2009

New destinations...

Now that I have entered the world of Motherhood, everything has changed! The world is a total different place. One of the biggest changes for me has been the things I do and places I go during the day. I over analyze every place I go! Is it going to be hot/cold? Is it safe for me to spend a lot of time getting in/out of the car? Will people be trying to touch Brayden? Is there a place to feed/change him if it gets that time? How much will we spend there? Just 100 things go through my mind. I'm trying to find some "mommy" places to take him so we can enjoy our summer together. Some of the places we are regulars at are:
  • The mall of course!
  • Target :)
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Babies R Us

Other than that, we really hang around the house or take walks. I'm wanting to take my baby boy to the zoo, but it's so darn hot right now! We may go early one morning, but I still worry about him being hot! To my mommy followers: PLEASE help me out and let me know some places to go with my precious that are safe and not expensive!


One of my favorite children's shops had a GREAT sale today! All their boys items were 50% off, so I had to go! Even before Brayden was born, I had already had him a Christmas/gumball reversible outfit, snowman smock outfit, Easter/puppy reversible outfit, and palmetto smock outfit. I just couldn't help myself, they are so darn cute! For those of you who do not know what smock is (like my husband!)...check out the stitch work on the blue outfit...that is smock! I was so afraid my husband wouldn't like the "little boy" outfits I was drawn to, but he surprised me by loving them all! He has even bought Brayden some himself :) We had a fun time looking through all the little boy clothes and saw a bunch we wish we could get him. (It's so hard to spend that amount of money when he can only wear it another few weeks!) But every now and then we have to splurge on our precious one, so we will hit the next sale and get some more precious outfits like the alligator one in the picture. We also saw a froggy bathing suit and John Deere smock outfit we want as well! In writing this I have just about talked myself into going back and getting them...so maybe I'll go back tomorrow!!!!

June 25, 2009

Freeze me out!

After a looooooooong 3 year battle with the A/C company, we FINALLY got a new unit installed...free of charge of course! Come to find out the installed system we had was the WRONG ONE! Hmmm, you mean it wasn't ever right...who would have thought!?! Sense the sarcasm there. I've been telling them for 3 years it wasn't right! So now Brayden and I are keeping the thermostat down low, just because we can!! He is bundled in his PJ's and socks, and mommy has on sweats! It is just great! Hopefully the problem is now "fixed" for good!

June 24, 2009


For some reason, I am already dreading the day I know will too soon come. That awful day in August when I have to go back to work. I love my job, and it's not going back to work that makes me anxious, its having to leave the new man in my life. I'm so scared and worried and upset about it already. Scared I will miss major moments in his life, worried he will get everything he needs, and upset that I have to be away from him! I LOVE spending my days and nights (even at 3:00 in the morning) with him.

I've been lucky enough to find a wonderful Christian woman who is going to keep Brayden. I have been praying that she is the person God put in my life to watch my precious, and I'm seeing signs that she will be wonderful. I talk with her weekly and have spent some time at her house getting to know her better, but I'm still worried to death. I have found that I trust no one with my child besides his family. I love that Brayden will be in "in home" care instead of daycare, and he will be with a woman who has experience with children and seems so sweet, but I'm still scared! However, I did get some GREAT news this week!

My friend Heather (shout out to you girl!) is going to use the same child provider as us! Her precious twins are going to be there with Brayden. I hope they become the best of friends. It makes me excited that I have someone to share my anxieties with because she will be going through the exact same feelings I am, and its always nice to have someone who knows how you feel. I'm also excited that Brayden will have some sweet babies to play with!

I'm going to try taking Brayden for some half days before I got back to work. I plan on trying to have some "me" time during then and maybe get my nails done, or see a movie, or lay in the bed with Chad for more than 30 minutes!!! Notice I said TRY! I'm also going to TRY not to call every 3o minutes to check on him either! I know once school starts the days will be busy busy and will go by quickly. I think I can handle it better then, but we will see!

I am also going to TRY to enjoy the rest of my summer with my little man and not think about these days I am dreading. They are 2 months away and I may be more comfortable when that time comes (prob. not but I can hope!). I'm so blessed to have such a beautiful family and I treasure every second with them! What did I do so right in my life to have such great blessings!!!??? God is so great!

And yet another nap...

Brayden's afternoon nap!
One of his favorite times of the day!

Fun with Friends

On Tuesdays, Chad goes to a men's bible study with some friends from church. April and I have taken this opportunity to have some mommy/baby time with our precious little ones. Piper is only 10 days older than Brayden! I learned today that trying to take a picture of one baby is hard, but two babies!!...it's next to impossible! This was my best attempt (Thanks Greer for helping!)

Cool Dude

Brayden has a hard time with the bright sun, so mommy bought him some baby shades! Isn't he precious!?!

June 22, 2009

Happy FIRST Father's Day!

I think Chad really enjoyed his first Father's Day as a daddy! Brayden and I took him to Bonefish for his favorite meal (salmon with lemon butter) on Saturday night. We didn't know Bonefish was going to open for lunch specially for Father's Day!!! Then Sunday, we got up and dressed Brayden in his Polo outfit to match daddy! Then we went to church and out to lunch together. That night, we went to Great Grandma's house to grill out steaks and celebrate our late Papa Rod's birthday. We miss him so much, and we know he would be so proud of Brayden! It was also a celebration for my mom's birthday! We gave her her birthday present, then for dessert, I bought Chad an ice cream cake with his favorite ice cream...cookie dough! We also gave him a coupon for a car wash and a card from me, one from Cali, and one from Brayden! It was a great day and I hope Chad knows what a great daddy he is!

Daddy and Brayden at Bonefish

Daddy and Brayden at church

Brayden in his Polo! Just like Daddy!

Grilling out-Brayden always trying to look at daddy!

Daddy's special ice cream cake!

June 19, 2009

Again, and again, and yet...AGAIN

On Tuesday the A/C went out on us and they said they "fixed" it. Then on Thursday (yesterday) it went out again and they said they "fixed" it again. Then today (Friday) the A/C has gone out for the THIRD time in four days!!!!!! And it is the hottest day of the year! Enough is enough! On Monday, the air people are going to have me in their office!

My poor sweating baby boy and I got in the car and took a trip to Grandma's house...who happens to have a working A/C unit! And now we are back home because they are trying to "fix" our unit yet again. Arg!

June 18, 2009

You've got to be kidding

No, you are not seeing things. Our A/C is out AGAIN. Yes, it was just out two days ago. I've been watching it, so I caught it before it got WAY too hot for all of us. I called the air people and had yet ANOTHER fit. They came out and "fixed" it...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! And lukcy us....it's supposed to be 105 tomorrow!!! Who do I have to threaten to get my A/C replaced!?!!? The answer will be revealed later!

My neighbor...the spaceman!

This is the sight Brayden and I encountered walking out of the house this afternoon. Any guesses...its my crazy neighbor! He is always building or working on something, so I just couldn't imagine what this contraption was for. Lucky for us, he wasn't letting out some poisonous chemical...just spraying mosquito repellent!

June 17, 2009

2 Months

At this exact moment, this is what my baby boy is doing. Why??? This morning he had his first shots (notice the band aids on the picture below). I don't know who it was worse for, me or him! Brayden is always really fun and alert in the mornings. At the doctor, he laughed, smiled, and cooed at me and his pediatrician. We put him on the table and I held his hand...he was smiling and then INSTANTLY started to cry. Having a baby who never cries, then can't stop was really hard! Well, we made it though and now I'm watching my baby boy sleep in his play pen. I have him in the den so I can keep watch over him. He is getting Tylenol every 4 hours for fever. He cries when we touch his legs, and wants to be held a lot! (I don't mind that too much!) We are in for a long 2 days, so I'm finding myself unable to take my eyes off him! That's why I've got him near me in the pack n' play!
The shots were awful, but the rest of the visit was great! Brayden is weighing 11 pounds 6 ounces (50th percentile) and is in the 90th percentile for height at 24 inches! We are doing great on the nutramigen formula and our baby boy is growing well!

June 16, 2009

Just Chillin'

Brayden likes to lay around on the couch and look around!

Night Time Routines

One of our favorite times with Brayden is during our nighttime routines. We start off by taking a family walk. We have usually taken him in the stroller, but he seems to enjoy the carrier more now that he is more alert to his surroundings. Then we sit in the garage and have our family time. After that, we give Brayden his bath, which he has come to love! This makes mommy very happy! I hand Brayden off to daddy, who then wraps him up and cuddles while I clean up the tub and get out his PJ's! We lotion him up, clean his nose if needed, diaper him, comb his hair, and put on his PJ's! (We like the snap up pajamas because they are easier to change him in the middle of the night!) Then daddy rocks with him in the rocker and they sing songs off the radio. Around 10:30 he gets his bottle and goes down for the night. Brayden seems to do well with this routine because this is the longest sleep stretch we get out of him. He has gone as long as 5.5 hours straight before. He is a great sleeper at night, we just wish he wouldn't be up to feed as often as he does. I will say...he is getting better now that we got his formula straight, but mommy would like him to go just a little longer between bottles! Daddy has been a great help though, so after we dress our baby, I go lay down until his first middle of the night feeding. I enjoy our night time routines because its the one time of the day I know we will all be together!

after bath time

Love my alligator PJ's!

Game Night!

The Cubs play tonight at 8:00pm and daddy is VERY excited to have a buddy to watch the game with! He got Brayden all ready to go (too bad the game never came on because of a game delay!). So we put out Brayden's Cubs onsie for tomorrow too!

Emily this pic is just for you!!!

Not again!!!

Look close....
Yes, that is our air conditioning thermostat. It is reading 79, when it should be reading 70!!! And it is 90 outside!!! If you haven't been following the blog, then here is a quick recap.

For the past 3 years we have had A/C issues! This year when the A/C went out I happened to be NINE MONTHS pregnant! No A/C and full term is not a good combination. So I called and had my hormonal breakdown with our air people and they replaced all that was wrong...free of charge. So...

It went out AGAIN today! I noticed it was getting warm, so I cut it to 70 and NOTHING happened. Then my poor baby boy started getting fussy and was really warm. So I stripped him, put on some shorts, and called the air people back. Needless to say...my mommy claws came out! I was not a happy mama, and you know what they say-If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! Poor Chad! But my mommy complaining got me a technician 30 minutes later and within the hour my thermostat was on the way back down in numbers. Free of charge too! So now we are back to trying to find our A/C problem. For 3 years we have been dealing with this A/C! I've been after a whole new unit since the problems started...after all it is a new build. We have been dealing with it the 3 years we've been here because its just been us, but now we have our special boy to think about. So I dare the A/C people to mess with me! I WILL get what I need for my baby boy!

My Little Monkey!!!

Pictures just too cute not to post!!

June 15, 2009

Loving Life

I just have to say...I am loving life with Brayden in it! I feel like having Brayden started a whole new life for us! I feel like I have just been born myself. The whole world looks different in the most wonderful way. I stare at my precious baby boy all day long, and could all night if I wasn't so darn tired! Each day he just amazes me more and more. And I know I'm his mom so I am biased, but goodness gracious he is cute! God is so amazing...I can't wait to see what we are in store for with my sweet boy!

June 14, 2009

Brayden's Baptism

Daddy and I are from very different backgrounds when it comes to Brayden's baptism. I'm from a strong Methodist background which believes in infant baptism, where as daddy was baptised at a young adult age. They also differ in that one is a sprinkling and one is a submersion baptism. We decided together to do both for our baby boy. We decided it was our job to communicate to Brayden that when he is older, he can decide what he wants to do when it comes to church and baptism and we will support him no matter what.

Today we had Brayden baptised at my family Methodist Church. It was so special! The entire sermon revolved around Brayden and what God says about raising children. The pastor who has been a friend of my family for 7 years was able to be there to baptise him which made it all the more special. Brayden had a precious white outfit and socks with crosses embroidered on them, and we managed to make it through church with nothing on it! His great grandparents, grandparents, Aunt Britt, Godmother Amanda, cousins, and many more family were all able to be there. It was a great day!

This fall when our church does baby dedications, we will also take part in that. Then when Brayden is at an age to decide...he will make the decision when to have his submersion baptism or if that is what he wants to do. We just want our baby boy to know that there is a great God who gave him to us, and we long for him to have a great relationship with him.


As I've said only 100 million times!...one of my favorite things to do is watch Brayden and daddy spend time together. Our sweet boy cannot take his eyes off daddy. He just stares at him and smiles. I know they are going to have a great relationship as he grows up! He is already passing on his daddy wisdom such as: which songs to listen to, not to get "too big for his britches", and to make sure he always spits up on mommy! (Which unfortunately for me...he has listened to!)

I don't think so!

Brayden has been given some of the cutest hats, but he is not crazy about them as you can clearly see!!!

June 11, 2009


Now that Brayden is 8 weeks I finally:
  • Can sleep while Chad does feedings
  • Can sleep while Brayden does!
  • Got the house clean!
  • Feel comfortable carrying him without the fear of dropping him!
  • Don't feel helpless and scared about meeting his needs
  • Got over the fact that I will not have privacy for many many many years to come
  • Can clean his bottles in a timely manner-yes it used to take forever!
  • Can get the diaper bag, him, and myself ready to go out in less than 10 minutes!
  • Know the names of everyone who works in the mall and at Target
  • Know the cries he makes to know what he needs
  • Know what he does and doesn't like to do
  • Don't mind other's holding him
  • Can change a poopy diaper without any problem with the smell
  • Found the time for JUST Chad and I-usually Brayden's nap time
  • Feel normal again!

I think the baby stole my brain!

Ever since Brayden's arrival, I have had a hard time thinking for both of us! I have actually been to Target twice in the last month and forgotten what I went for! When I am leaving to go somewhere, whether it is out of town or just to get gas...it is like preparing for vacation! So many things to remember:
bottles and nipples
change of clothes
changing pad
burp cloths
cell phone
keys-and where I put them last!
cutting the A/C in the car on if its too hot out
By the time I have gotten my baby boy ready to go, I have forgotten the "to do" list in my head! I have had to start writing EVERYTHING down and keeping it in one central location. Wow!...and its summer...Lord help me when I have to go back to work!!!

June 10, 2009

Rainy Day Nap

We took Brayden out for lunch and a ride today, but then the day got gray and nasty. So...we came home and had our first family nap together! It was so much fun! As a matter of fact...Brayden and daddy are still asleep! :)

Aunt Britt

This week, my sister came into town for a job interview. This was the first opportunity for her to hold Brayden. When Brayden was born he was so small and fragile, she didn't feel comfortable holding him. I can't blame her...I was nervous myself! But now that he is a little bigger, she enjoyed spending some time holding him.

Constant Changes

It seems that every day, Brayden grows up a little more. He is starting to coo and smile more which is fun. He likes to sit propped up on things so he can look around, and he can lift his head for longer periods of time. During tummy time, he pretty easily moves his head side to side now. He has started to discover his hands and grabs on to things around him (mostly my hair!). It's amazing what 7 weeks has brought. As much as I want him to stay a baby, each week is bringing more and more joy to us!

Brayden propped up on the chair

June 9, 2009

Officially Summertime!

My summer vacation for the year started early when our baby boy arrived. But now daddy is home from work for the summer too! We have really enjoyed having him home the past few days! We have taken family outings to the mall and Target, taken walks, sat in the garage more, taken naps with the baby, gone out to eat, and just enjoyed each other. It's so nice having him home to help with the baby load of things to do. Diaper changes, feedings, clothing changes, loading up the car, washing clothes, cleaning...etc.

Now that it is offically summer for us both, we have been trying to find things to do with Brayden. If any mommies have any ideas, please let us know! We know we want to get zoo passes, but not sure what else we can do. Whatever we end up doing with our little one...we know it's going to be a GREAT summer!

June 5, 2009

Peek a Boo Mommy!

Back to the doctor

This week we went back to the pediatrician to evaluate Brayden's formula issues. The doctor concluded that he DOES have a milk protein allergy and must stay on nutramigen. Like I said before, I would pay anything for my baby, but I can't help but complain about how expensive this formula is! However, Brayden's tummy is much better and he is consuming more during feedings now. He also started to sleep a little longer which is GREAT!!!!!!! We go back at his 2 month mark for shots (mommy can't stand that!) and check on him again. At 6 months he will be evaluated to see if he can go back on a soy formula, but no promises were made. So in the meantime...if anyone gets any Enfamil coupons...send them this way!!

Going to school...

I enjoyed taking Bradyen up to work (after the kids left for the day) to meet all of my teacher friends. He loved being passed around and held and smiled at all the pretty girls holding him. We had a good time and they loved playing with Brayden!

7 Weeks!

Today Brayden turns 7 weeks old!!! I can't believe it! Almost 2 months. He is weighing 10 pounds 10 ounces (a big healthy boy!) and he is about 24 inches (by Chad's measurements!). I want my baby boy to stay like this forever, but each week brings new exciting things. This week he is cooing a lot more and smiling a lot more. He is also more aware of things around him and likes to look around. He still likes bath time and his play mat, and when he is on his tummy he turns his head pretty easily now. When we hold him over our shoulder he likes to push up and hold his head up. He doesn't stay up long, but its fun to see him do it!

First pair of shoes!

Check out Brayden's first pair of shoes!

Next generation!

These pictures were made special for the Bridges' family. The outfit that Brayden is wearing is Chad's! We have pictures of him wearing this outfit when he was 6 weeks old, so we took pictures of Brayden wearing it at 6 weeks too! They look so much alike. We can't wait to get them framed together.


One of our favorite things to do with Brayden is give him lots of kisses! While Chad was holding Brayden the other day, he kept kissing Chad on the cheek. I tried my best to get him in action. He is so precious!