June 9, 2009

Officially Summertime!

My summer vacation for the year started early when our baby boy arrived. But now daddy is home from work for the summer too! We have really enjoyed having him home the past few days! We have taken family outings to the mall and Target, taken walks, sat in the garage more, taken naps with the baby, gone out to eat, and just enjoyed each other. It's so nice having him home to help with the baby load of things to do. Diaper changes, feedings, clothing changes, loading up the car, washing clothes, cleaning...etc.

Now that it is offically summer for us both, we have been trying to find things to do with Brayden. If any mommies have any ideas, please let us know! We know we want to get zoo passes, but not sure what else we can do. Whatever we end up doing with our little one...we know it's going to be a GREAT summer!

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