June 11, 2009

I think the baby stole my brain!

Ever since Brayden's arrival, I have had a hard time thinking for both of us! I have actually been to Target twice in the last month and forgotten what I went for! When I am leaving to go somewhere, whether it is out of town or just to get gas...it is like preparing for vacation! So many things to remember:
bottles and nipples
change of clothes
changing pad
burp cloths
cell phone
keys-and where I put them last!
cutting the A/C in the car on if its too hot out
By the time I have gotten my baby boy ready to go, I have forgotten the "to do" list in my head! I have had to start writing EVERYTHING down and keeping it in one central location. Wow!...and its summer...Lord help me when I have to go back to work!!!

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