June 14, 2009

Brayden's Baptism

Daddy and I are from very different backgrounds when it comes to Brayden's baptism. I'm from a strong Methodist background which believes in infant baptism, where as daddy was baptised at a young adult age. They also differ in that one is a sprinkling and one is a submersion baptism. We decided together to do both for our baby boy. We decided it was our job to communicate to Brayden that when he is older, he can decide what he wants to do when it comes to church and baptism and we will support him no matter what.

Today we had Brayden baptised at my family Methodist Church. It was so special! The entire sermon revolved around Brayden and what God says about raising children. The pastor who has been a friend of my family for 7 years was able to be there to baptise him which made it all the more special. Brayden had a precious white outfit and socks with crosses embroidered on them, and we managed to make it through church with nothing on it! His great grandparents, grandparents, Aunt Britt, Godmother Amanda, cousins, and many more family were all able to be there. It was a great day!

This fall when our church does baby dedications, we will also take part in that. Then when Brayden is at an age to decide...he will make the decision when to have his submersion baptism or if that is what he wants to do. We just want our baby boy to know that there is a great God who gave him to us, and we long for him to have a great relationship with him.

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Hollie Heming said...

What a special day! Great pictures. We are truly blessed with wonderful husbands and our precious baby boys.