January 30, 2010

What to do during an ice storm?

Cuddle on the couch with Daddy!

One thing leads to another...

Brayden's date with a gerber bitter biscuit leads to....


Up Up and Away!

It is impossible to keep Brayden off his feet these days. He's done with crawling...unless he has to. He wants to be walking SO bad! I love every new phase Brayden enters, however I wish time would slow down a little. I'm not ready for my baby to be a little boy!

January 27, 2010


I finally got a tooth shot!

January 25, 2010

Oh When The Saints Go Marching In...

YES...This would be the song I woke up to this morning.

Being sung by my husband who was so excited after the playoff game that he couldn't sleep!

Being from Louisiana, daddy is a HUGE Saints fan. He has been looking forward to this playoff game allllllllll week. He dressed Brayden in his Saints attire yesterday, and is now convinced that him wearing it brought them good luck! So...I am assuming he will be wearing his Saints outfit again on Super Bowl Sunday!

Helping Mommy

This weekend Brayden helped me pull big books for my lesson plans! I wonder if he is going to be a teacher like his mommy and daddy one day?????

Spring Tease

The past two weeks have been such a tease for the season to come. 50 degrees one day...70 the next! We took advantage of the nice weather while we were all home. Daddy and I decided it was time to break in Brayden's new Radio Flyer wagon! And we had such a blast...
Brayden got to try out the Gamecock hat daddy bought him for Christmas! Aunt Brittany came over to spend some time with Brayden!Mommy even shared her coke!!! -This is rare!It was a GREAT family day, and a precious memory for me. I cannot wait for Spring when we can start getting out together more!

New Gift

My sister was very upset on Christmas, because the gift she bought for me had not come in yet. Of course I told her it was no big deal...and she was super excited to bring it over this week when it finally came in. Isn't it beautiful!?!

January 18, 2010

9 Months Old!!!

I know I say it all the time...but I just cannot believe how fast time flies. Brayden turned 9 months old this past Sunday. WOW! I'm starting to forget what life was like without him. I just couldn't imagine not having him around. He's amazing. It's unreal to think that one year ago today, he wasn't even here yet! I feel so blessed to have him in my life. At 9 months Brayden:
  • crawls everywhere! Especially after Cali or the vacuum cleaner
  • wants to pull up on EVERYTHING-he wants to walk so bad!
  • eats 3 times a day-loves carrots, peas, and yogurt
  • wants to throw his bottle across the room-he's always hated formula
  • has 2 teeth-I'd love to catch a picture of them but it's not too easy!
  • laughs all the time
  • loves the remote control and cell phones
  • is in the 65% for height, 75% for weight-my precious big boy :)
  • still loves bath time :)
  • sleeps 8-12 hours a night
  • takes 2 naps a day
  • says "mama" and "dada"-has said "bye bye" twice!
  • is starting to wave
  • growls-its is SO funny!

One of the biggest changes Brayden has brought to my life is my prayers. I love the Trace Adkins song "That's all I ask for anymore." It reminds me about how I feel now. To quote the song:

But as I bow my head tonight
there'll be no me myself and I
just watch my wife and kids dear Lord
that's all I ask for anymore.
Let em' outlive me by 100 years
let their laughter dry up all their tears
let em' love and be loved back like I have been

January 15, 2010

We are having a lot of this in the Bridges' household lately...

Which means we had to do this...

Bumper in crib...gone.
Small objects on tables...removed.
Cabinet doors...locked as well!
Trying desperately to stand on his own...on everything!!!
The last few days, we go into Brayden's room to find him sitting or standing in his crib! So we had to remove anything that he could pull himself up on! My baby is going to be a toddler in the very near future!! I have mixed feelings about this!

How cute!

Have you ever seen one of these?!? If you have...then you will understand my frustration in the woman at the medical supply store. She replies with "Oh how cute!", when I put this on the counter for purchase. If you have ever had to buy or use one of these then you know there is NOTHING cute about them! Sure, they make it look like a panda. A bear which makes a horrible noise, shoots mist out, and puts a mask over your face. NOT so cute for my baby boy.

Giving him breathing treatments the last few days has been a horrible and stressful situation for me. The machine scared him so much I was restraining him to give him the medicine he so desperately needed. Then...with some daddy magic...he suddenly became used to the treatments! He didn't mind them at all! He didn't mind them so much, that he actually began falling asleep during them!

I am thankful for what the bear did for my baby boy, but I am in NO hurry to pull out our "cute" machine anytime soon!!!

The Good and The Bad

Brayden has had one heck of a week! A virus gone bronchitis, gone pneumonia symptoms, gone ear infection. Doctors had me freaking out that we were headed to the hospital. The breathing treatments didn't seem to be working, but after today's exam it is obvious they worked!
The good news now is:
We met our deductible for insurance for the YEAR
We have bonded some more with our pediatrician!
The fluid on Brayden's lungs is almost totally gone!
We now own a defibrillator for our own personal use anytime...let me know if you ever need to borrow!
Brayden can take a breathing treatment without freaking out!
Fever has been below 101 for 24 hours
He took both naps today without a problem
Is finally looking himself
Lucy and Gibby are fever free now!

The bad news now is:
Ear infection
We will take it! So glad my baby boy made it through with no hospital stay!!!! Brayden has been finally acting his happy/smiley self today! I'm a very happy mommy!

January 10, 2010

Just when you think it's all good...

Well, here we go again.

The babies at the sitter are passing around a virus. My poor baby boy has had fever over 102 for two days now. I had the most miserable night I've ever had last night. Brayden threw up all over the crib and moaned for what seemed like hours! As a mother it broke my heart! I had to put him in a lukewarm bath and rock him in my arms from 12-3. I would have taken it all from him if I could. As long as I keep motrin in him, he sits and smiles (not totally himself), but if that fever starts rising it all goes downhill. This morning he seemed to be gasping and moaning which was the scariest feeling ever! He slept in my arms for 2 hours because I couldn't put him down. We know from the other babies that have had it this past week that this is just a virus that has to pass. So, we are waiting for it to run it's course...not so patiently I might add!! I want my sweet little man feeling better!

January 9, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window???

Is this not the cutest puppy you have ever seen!?! Brayden doesn't mind his puppy pullover too much, especially with the cold mornings we have had. But...I'm not too sure he is a fan of the mittens yet...


This week it finally happend...
Brayden has gotten his first tooth!
We knew this tooth was coming for weeks, and it finally decided to make its appearance. At the beginning of the week, we could see it under his gums. Then mid week he had a hole. Tonight...when I (not so smartly) put my finger in his mouth to run teething gel in it...he bit me!!! It's officially through the gums now...I know this first hand!

Dancing Machine

For Christmas, Uncle Ryan sent Brayden a magnetic farm toy by leap frog. It has quickly become a favorite. Brayden crawls in the kitchen and sits by it. He can't quite put the animals where they belong, but he knows how to push the buttons and make it sing! It is such a sweet sight when he does. He dances and jumps around when the toy sings! I wonder if he is going to be a dancing machine like his daddy...

January 3, 2010

Brayden's First Birthday Party!

Today Brayden went to his very FIRST birthday party!! It was for his friend Luke. We had a great time! Brayden played with some of Luke's toys while Luke opened his gifts...
Sang happy birthday to Luke
He visited with old friends...
Brayden and Annie Parker
And new friends...
Brayden and Will