January 15, 2010

The Good and The Bad

Brayden has had one heck of a week! A virus gone bronchitis, gone pneumonia symptoms, gone ear infection. Doctors had me freaking out that we were headed to the hospital. The breathing treatments didn't seem to be working, but after today's exam it is obvious they worked!
The good news now is:
We met our deductible for insurance for the YEAR
We have bonded some more with our pediatrician!
The fluid on Brayden's lungs is almost totally gone!
We now own a defibrillator for our own personal use anytime...let me know if you ever need to borrow!
Brayden can take a breathing treatment without freaking out!
Fever has been below 101 for 24 hours
He took both naps today without a problem
Is finally looking himself
Lucy and Gibby are fever free now!

The bad news now is:
Ear infection
We will take it! So glad my baby boy made it through with no hospital stay!!!! Brayden has been finally acting his happy/smiley self today! I'm a very happy mommy!

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Jennifer Harris said...

Poor baby (and mommy)! I'm glad he's feeling better and praying for a speedy recovery from the ear infection as well!