January 15, 2010

How cute!

Have you ever seen one of these?!? If you have...then you will understand my frustration in the woman at the medical supply store. She replies with "Oh how cute!", when I put this on the counter for purchase. If you have ever had to buy or use one of these then you know there is NOTHING cute about them! Sure, they make it look like a panda. A bear which makes a horrible noise, shoots mist out, and puts a mask over your face. NOT so cute for my baby boy.

Giving him breathing treatments the last few days has been a horrible and stressful situation for me. The machine scared him so much I was restraining him to give him the medicine he so desperately needed. Then...with some daddy magic...he suddenly became used to the treatments! He didn't mind them at all! He didn't mind them so much, that he actually began falling asleep during them!

I am thankful for what the bear did for my baby boy, but I am in NO hurry to pull out our "cute" machine anytime soon!!!

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Bobby said...

Ugh we had to use one of these this week too. Darn daycare. We found that if we sit the portable DVD player right in front of her and start up a "Baby Einstein" video, we're good to go with no fighting. After a few days, there was no need anymore. But it's not fun to see your baby going through it that's for sure.