June 28, 2009

Confessions of a New Mommy

Just some things I can actually confess now!

  • Labor was surprisingly soooo easy! Now I know why people have more than one baby!

  • I was ready for everything EXCEPT the hormonal changes women go through after birth!

  • When Brayden spits up and it lands on the floor, Cali licks it up-and I let her!

  • I'm bottle feeding, and never attempted breast feeding. I knew it wasn't for me.

  • Cabbage on the boobs is a lifesaver to dry up your milk!!!
  • I let Brayden suck his thumb. I think it is adorable!
  • I like when Brayden sleeps on my tummy. Sometimes in the middle of the night I let him sleep there instead of risking waking him when putting him in the crib.

  • I was scared to hold my baby when he was born, but now I can't put him down!

  • When Brayden poops, I think it is hilarious!

  • I've been peed on twice.

  • Brayden spends most of the day in just a diaper! Hey-we have blankets!

  • I use the swing to get a break, even thought I know it's going to put Brayden to sleep!

  • I clean Brayden's bottles better than I clean my own dishes!
  • I am obsessed with the "happy mom" collection of shirts! I have 3 (and a hat!)!

  • I love taking bath's with Brayden.

  • I spent more money on Brayden's nursery furniture than the furniture in my bedroom!

  • I'm scared my tummy will never be the same!

  • I don't want to go back to work because I want to be at home with my baby boy the rest of my life!

  • I think my child is the cutest baby on the planet!

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Hollie Heming said...

too funny! funny how quickly our lives change, isn't it??!!