June 11, 2009


Now that Brayden is 8 weeks I finally:
  • Can sleep while Chad does feedings
  • Can sleep while Brayden does!
  • Got the house clean!
  • Feel comfortable carrying him without the fear of dropping him!
  • Don't feel helpless and scared about meeting his needs
  • Got over the fact that I will not have privacy for many many many years to come
  • Can clean his bottles in a timely manner-yes it used to take forever!
  • Can get the diaper bag, him, and myself ready to go out in less than 10 minutes!
  • Know the names of everyone who works in the mall and at Target
  • Know the cries he makes to know what he needs
  • Know what he does and doesn't like to do
  • Don't mind other's holding him
  • Can change a poopy diaper without any problem with the smell
  • Found the time for JUST Chad and I-usually Brayden's nap time
  • Feel normal again!

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