June 26, 2009

New destinations...

Now that I have entered the world of Motherhood, everything has changed! The world is a total different place. One of the biggest changes for me has been the things I do and places I go during the day. I over analyze every place I go! Is it going to be hot/cold? Is it safe for me to spend a lot of time getting in/out of the car? Will people be trying to touch Brayden? Is there a place to feed/change him if it gets that time? How much will we spend there? Just 100 things go through my mind. I'm trying to find some "mommy" places to take him so we can enjoy our summer together. Some of the places we are regulars at are:
  • The mall of course!
  • Target :)
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Babies R Us

Other than that, we really hang around the house or take walks. I'm wanting to take my baby boy to the zoo, but it's so darn hot right now! We may go early one morning, but I still worry about him being hot! To my mommy followers: PLEASE help me out and let me know some places to go with my precious that are safe and not expensive!

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