June 16, 2009

Night Time Routines

One of our favorite times with Brayden is during our nighttime routines. We start off by taking a family walk. We have usually taken him in the stroller, but he seems to enjoy the carrier more now that he is more alert to his surroundings. Then we sit in the garage and have our family time. After that, we give Brayden his bath, which he has come to love! This makes mommy very happy! I hand Brayden off to daddy, who then wraps him up and cuddles while I clean up the tub and get out his PJ's! We lotion him up, clean his nose if needed, diaper him, comb his hair, and put on his PJ's! (We like the snap up pajamas because they are easier to change him in the middle of the night!) Then daddy rocks with him in the rocker and they sing songs off the radio. Around 10:30 he gets his bottle and goes down for the night. Brayden seems to do well with this routine because this is the longest sleep stretch we get out of him. He has gone as long as 5.5 hours straight before. He is a great sleeper at night, we just wish he wouldn't be up to feed as often as he does. I will say...he is getting better now that we got his formula straight, but mommy would like him to go just a little longer between bottles! Daddy has been a great help though, so after we dress our baby, I go lay down until his first middle of the night feeding. I enjoy our night time routines because its the one time of the day I know we will all be together!

after bath time

Love my alligator PJ's!

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