October 29, 2008


Well I finally reached week 14 and finally have started feeling better!!! This weekend Chad and I are heading to Savannah. We figure it will be the last traveling weekend for us due to his soccer schedule and then me being way too huge to sit in a car very long! I am still finding myself anxious to start showing, but I have a feeling once I do I'll want to go back! I get a lot of "where is it" and "there's no way" comments at work and from friends, so I'm eager to show my proof! They may not be seeing much....but I sure can! Chad has still been extremely supportive, even though I know I'm aggrivating him to death at times! He even helped me clean the house this week...what a man! We are still batteling over boy names but are pretty sold on our girl name. We have decided what colors to do our nursery in (for either gender) and we are beginning our crib search! As I feel better and better, I am getting more and more excited. Especially as we start getting closer to collecting baby Bridges things!!!

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