December 20, 2008


Today we set out with high hopes of an exciting experience. We arrived at Babies R Us at 9:30 this morning (opening time) because we could not wait one more day to register our little man! We filled out papers and got our "gun" to begin registration...then we made our way over to the bottle WALL. Things went downhill after that. Who knew there were about 500 different brands and types of bottles!!! By the time we left we were completely overwhelmed! We actually stopped halfway through the store to take a breather and just decided to go home and think some more! Our experience was definitely exciting, it's just the realization of the MANY needs of baby can be a lot to handle. We have come home and made list of the necessities, called friends for some advice, and plan to make attempt #2 at our baby registry AFTER Christmas!

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Hollie Heming said...

No Kidding! It took 3 trips to complete our registry! Those gliders are perfectly placed in the middle of the store :). We spent several Friday and Saturday afternoons in those things contemplating what we needed. You know you can always edit your registry online. That's what we finally did. It was easier than going to the store every time. We like the Playtex drop-in bottles. Easy to clean, easy to measure! Good luck. Let me know if you need any input :).