December 16, 2008


It is finally official

It's a BOY!!!

After what seemed to be the longest wait in a doctors office, we were finally taken back to the ultrasound room. Both my mom and my little sister were able to be there with us which made things extra special! There was a lot of checking at this 20 weeks ultrasound which also seemed to take forever long! But the baby has 4 hard working heart chambers, the appropriate amount of brain and spinal fluid, and the spine and bones are measuring well! Overall we have a healthy healthy baby boy! As soon as the ultrasound picture made its way down to the opposite end of baby, it took my breath away! I saw the confirmation I needed in 2 seconds! I couldn't say anything, my mouth just dropped and the technician confirmed with "Yep, it's a boy!" I thought Chad was going to fall over. Only 8 short weeks ago we were told "girl", and today we switched to 100% boy. After the initial shock we both couldn't stop grinning!

We also signed up for our childbirth classes which begin in January, and met with our head nurse to begin talk about finding a pediatrician. It seems so early to be doing that, but really we are over halfway through the pregnancy now!

My friend Beth from work bought baby boy Bridges his FIRST official BOY TOY!!! It is a cute doggie blanket which I rubbed all over my face for hours because its so soft! This has me pumped to begin work on our nursery now! Thanks Beth!

We are already being asked what the name will be for our baby boy, but for now we are just going to keep it to ourselves! We are trying some out to see what we like best :) I'll let you know as soon as possible. We don't go back to the doctor until January, so in the meantime, we will enjoy Christmas with our family (Yeah! Chad's family will be coming to town) and I'm sure we will have to venture out and buy some boy things for Christmas as well! Chad and I are enjoying laying in bed talking about the future of our little one...footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, Chad's favorite-guitar hero buddy. We just can't wait for what's to come!

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Hollie Heming said...

I don't know about having a girl, but there is nothing like a little boy. They are so very special! You and Chad are going to be great parents! You'll hear a lot about "motherly instincts" that will kick in once baby boy arrives, but tell Chad there is such a thing as "fatherly instinct" as well. You'll both know exactly what to do! Can't wait to see what's in store for all of you :).