December 1, 2008

Birthday Fun!

This past Saturday I turned 27. Despite the devastating loss the Gamecocks suffered, it ended up being a GREAT day! My best friend Amanda bought me my first baby gift (an infant Gamecock outfit and Gamecock pacifier!). How appropriate! She also gave me a precious Carolina cake which like the real Gamecocks, quickly disappeared! So I got to spend the day with the best husband and friend someone could ask for, and later that day after I had gotten home I got the best birthday gift ever....our baby moved for the first time!!! It was so exciting! Although the baby moved to permanently secure itself in my rib cage, I feel blessed to know the baby is alive and well (and very active). Our doctor's appointment has been moved up a few days, so on December 15th we will be able to announce what baby Bridges name and gender will officially be!

1 comment:

Laura said...

aaww im so excited for ya'll to feel the baby move! I am glad things are going well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like it was a great day!