December 14, 2008


It seems like just last week I was waking Chad up to tell him I had taken a positive pregnancy test! Today marks the halfway point in our pregnancy and we can hardly believe tomorrow we will be putting a name to the "it" in my belly. As we look back on the last 4 and a 1/2 months in our lives we become very aware of the many blessings God has given us.
1) Getting pregnant for us happened quickly and easily.
2) The bleeding hemmorage which could have had a horrible result slowly moved out of my body with no harm to baby.
3) The first 12 weeks were not TOO horribly bad, and I was able to make them though without missing one day of work!
4)All of our genetic and blood testing came back with clear results.
5) The large amount of iron that I have had to take to help me cope with my severe anemia has not had any major side effects.
6) I have a nurse who takes my calls at all hours of the day (and sometimes night) to answer every stupid question I have!
7) Friends and family have shown great support which lets us know our baby is going to be very loved!
8) Chad and I both have bosses who support us though this time and have been very understanding about the days we are on the phone with each other or doctor, and the days we have had to leave early for doctors appointments.
9) I have managed to find some of the "cute" maternity clothes everyone keeps talking about!!!
10) I don't think I've driven Chad too crazy yet!! No MAJOR, let me repeat...MAJOR mood swings yet! :) Love you honey!

I know there are like 100 more blessings that I am reminded of everyday, but with my pregnancy progressing I am forgetting things more and more!!! (I think Chad likes this a little too much!) As we move into the 2nd half of pregnancy, we are thinking we are ahead of the game! We have purchased a crib and bedding set, which we will pick up and work on the nursery over Christmas break. Once we find out what baby is we will go ahead and paint the nursery. I have a shower in early February and the rest in March, so then we will have a place to store baby Bridges new things! We have decided on names for the baby, which we can put into place tomorrow...and we are almost positive we have childcare taken care of. We have two wonderful (in home) places which would work for us. And I'm still hoping Laura will decide to stay home and watch my baby :) :) All we have to do now is register for our baby! Hopefully we can get that done over our nice Christmas break from work as well.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed and written such sweet thoughts to Chad and I. We are so thankful we have you all to share this experience with!

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