February 20, 2009

Growing excitement...and belly!

Chad and I have spent a lot of time laying together before bed dreaming about the day our baby boy will get here! We cannot wait for the day we can walk through our nursery boy and he be in his crib! Everything seems to be growing:
my belly
(his kick count!)
our collection of baby clothes
baby items around the house
parent magazines
baby gifts
and especially our excitement

We cannot believe in 9 weeks or less now we will have our baby boy in the world! My showers start in two weeks and all of his new things will start rolling in.

Monday is my next doctor's appointment. We are hoping I can get an increase in my sugar count, because 20 grams a day is just about to kill me! So we will continue to pray that all is well with my blood work and the growth of our baby boy. We just can't wait to have him here in our arms!!!!

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