June 9, 2010

Zoo Day!

Brayden and I were so excited to meet our friends at the zoo today! A train gave us all a long dramatic begin to the day...but we all finally ended up at the zoo together!
We all sat and talked while waiting for the tram to pick us up. Beau, Luke, and Brayden hung out in the shade.
And the girls played by the fountain!

Once the tram FINALLY got to us, we met Banks and Will at the monkey's.

Our favorite place to play was the aquarium! Brayden has never been around stairs before, so I was quite shocked when he started climbing them like a pro.
Will and Brayden stopped long enough for mommy to take a picture!
And it was quite entertaining trying to get them all to stop for a picture...but we ended up with some cute photos.

When we got to the penguins, Brayden wanted to try out his walking skills. He was done with the stroller.

I'm so blessed to have such amazing mommy's to get together with! And their children are equally as great!
When I got married I went through a huge transition with friends. And again...another transition when I had Brayden. I remember mom telling me: "When you have children, you will meet women in the same place you are...it's then you will meet the women you will be friends with forever." I can see how true that is now. It was so nice to have a day to talk about Brayden and my fears/concerns with him. They helped me realize I AM doing things that are best for my baby boy, and I'm so thankful I have them to talk to. It's also nice to just get together with other people who are in the same place as I am. I am looking forward to MANY more play dates with these amazing mommy's!

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