June 5, 2010

First Hair Cut

This Friday we took Brayden for his FIRST hair cut!!!
At first, he sat up on the booster like a big boy!
He liked when she pushed the button to make him tall :)
But then....she put on the cape...
And the tears started falling!
So we just decided to take his shirt off and try to hold him still!
He just wasn't too sure about this whole hair cut thing.

My poor baby boy!! After about 2 min he started to calm down and stopped crying. Hopefully next time will be better!
The final product...

I hate he was so scared, but the hair cut was MUCH needed. The wings that had formed from his hair had me worried he was going to fly away!! I put off his hair cut because I was so scared he wouldn't look like a baby anymore. I was right...he doesn't look like a baby now...but he sure is one precious toddler!! We love his new hair cut, thanks Mrs. Ronda!!

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Hollie Heming said...

So cute! We go to Gore Salon too! April cuts mine and Will's. He has had three cuts and he does just fine. Brayden will get used to it :)