June 1, 2010

Making the best of it!

Our nice long weekend ended up a rain out! We decided there were only two options. Stay in and dry, or go out and get wet!!! We decided to just get wet!! On Sunday we went to a cookout at an old friends house. There were some baby boys Brayden's age and he had a blast playing with them! He even shared his toys!

On Monday, we ventured into the storm! We went by Dicks, the mall, and Toys R Us! We went in hopes of finding "Wonder Pet" stuffed animals for Brayden....but came home with 2 more trucks and a lawn mower!! Brayden just loves his newest toy! However, he would rather turn it over and play with the wheels than push it! He loves wheels!

Daddy tried showing him how it worked...he still doesn't quite get it, but that's okay!

We also went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. We stopped by the kids section, as usual, and found a pair of shorts that match daddy's!! I couldn't resist them!

After all our running around we had family time in the den while it stormed! Brayden was so excited to have mommy AND daddy home to play with!

What a great Memorial Day weekend we had!!

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