August 15, 2009


As if it wasn't bad enough that I had to go back to work and leave my baby boy....he got sick his second full day away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I noticed a few days ago that Brayden didn't seem to be himself. He was more fussy and had a look in his eyes that wasn't right. I cleaned his nose out and it was slightly green. He went from sucking down almost 40 oz a day, to not finishing a 6 oz bottle. Then...I picked him up from Mrs. Julie's yesterday and she said "he has been asleep since 8 this morning. I had to make him get up! And he has only eaten 3 oz."
Immediately I knew...this is not my baby! I called the pediatrician and was on hold waiting for the on call nurse for what seemed like forever! I seriously thought about hanging up and calling 911. I just figured all the people who were possibly about to die on the other end might not appreciate me calling to say "my baby isn't feeling right."
I picked Brayden up at 3:15 and at 3:30 I was at the pediatrician's...with no speeding ticket. Dr. W agreed that something was terribly wrong. He examined Brayden and determined he does have a small "baby virus" but we are lucky because he isn't running a fever. His body is just fighting and making him not totally himself. He assured me that this is a great thing and says its probably from being around new people. He also says he thinks that the "transition" away from mommy has something to do with it too. Is it awful that that kind of made me smile?!?!? My baby isn't feeling well because he's away from mommy... I couldn't help but smile!!!
Anyways...he is sleeping a lot more during the day and is eating pedialite to help keep him hydrated though this. He says it should only last a few days and he will be fine. Next week I'll be back to see Dr. W for Brayden's 4 months appointment and if he isn't better we will wait on the shots. In the meantime my precious boy is sleeping in his crib and in mommy's lap most of the day until he feels better. I'm enjoying holding him so much because I know in 48 hours I'll have to be away again. I just hope he's better by then because leaving him is hard...but leaving him not feeling well would be WORSE!!!!

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Hollie Heming said...

Oh girl! We are right there with you. Will has been sick this weekend too and on his birthday!! A friend at school said it probably is being back in daycare and with new people. Will has the congestion PLUS some coughing and throwing up. We called in today and the nurse just told me to keep doing what we've been doing. What are these boys trying to do to us??!!