August 15, 2009

A man's job

After getting home from work the other day, daddy and I kept hearing bird calls around the house. We knew there was a nest being built in our tree out front...but it seemed to be too far away for the sounds we were hearing. So...we put our ears up to the garage door and realized there was a bird SOMEWHERE in our garage!!! We opened the garage door, sure the bird would fly out-but the sounds continued. What happened next it funny-daddy picks up Brayden who is crying at the time, and mommy gets the large dusting stick (we use it to clean our fans) and walks around the garage poking places the bird could be. Wait a minute...what's wrong with that picture!! Shouldn't daddy have the stick and mommy have the baby!!!
Anyways...we poked everywhere we could think the bird would be!!! All of a sudden I see him out of the corner of my eye!!! (Then I scream and drop the stick over a bird the size of a baseball) This bird was sitting on the arm of daddy's chair just looking at us fools!! He NEVER moved! It was nuts! I've never seen a bird allow people to get so close. Even when I poked him he wouldn't move. Then I took a picture of him and he still didn't move! Eventually I poked him enough that he got annoyed and he walked...not flew...out of the garage and we quickly shut the door.

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