August 2, 2009

Adding another to the collection...

I am so in love with being Brayden's mom! As a matter of fact...I love it so much that I have an entire wardrobe that let's everyone know it! HAHA! For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I have become quite obsessed with the "mom" attire. I am just so happy being Brayden's mom and I love showing it! This week, my mom attire site offered a FREE Camp Mom tank! All I had to do was send in a picture of Brayden and I having fun together this summer, and I had to be wearing some sort of "mom" attire. Well...this was EASY for me to do! I sent like 6 pictures in! So sometime later this week I get my free tank! Just another fun shirt to add to my collection :)

I have found when I wear my "happy mom" shirts or hat, that some parents have a fit and want to know where to get one...but others have some smart comment to say about it like:
"Wait until they talk back to you..." or
"Now she's happy...just wait!" or
"They will be a teenager one day!"

For those NOT "happy moms"-I just want you to know I LOVE being a mother, and even when that cute mouth talks back to me, I'll still LOVE it. My neighbors lost both their precious children this summer in a car accident, and it really put things in perspective for me. I guess not all mom's have had an experience like that. I know Crystal and Craig would give anything to have their children smart off to them or grow into teenagers. I'm going to thank God for everyday with my precious Brayden and enjoy every dirty diaper and late night feeding! I AM a "happy mom" and proud of it!

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Jennifer Harris said...

I get e-mails from Peace Love Mom, saw this promotion a couple weeks ago and did the same thing! I love their tees too, but only when they're on sale!!