August 11, 2009

Yummy Yummy!

About a week ago, I had spoken with one of the nurses at our pediatricians office. We had some problems with Brayden not sleeping through the night anymore and needing to ADD feedings through the day. This is strange because most babies take a larger amount and drop feedings. We seemed to be adding a larger amount and feeding him MORE!! The nurse said that Brayden seemed "desperate to start solid food." She determined that was the problem with him wanting to eat more and more. However, our pediatrician has been booking well visits 2 months in advance, so we have to keep our appointment for next week and can't come sooner.

Sooooooo....against everything any pediatrician would tell you...I made the "mommy common sense" decision to start my baby boy on rice cereal today!! Come on...he is 4 months on Monday! So it's only 5 days...okay 6 days early! He is double his birthweight (14.6 pounds) and is not getting full on just formula anymore. And...the nurse said "desperate" for solids!!!!

The whole first solid food experience was HILARIOUS!!!! First I got everything ready. I put his highchair cover on the highchair. I got extra burp cloths out. I put a towel in the seat of his chair so he could sit up higher and put a towel on the side since he isn't completely sitting up on his own. I mixed the rice cereal as directed for a first time feeding, and got out some different types of spoons we have.
Then, I put my precious boy into the highchair and he took his first taste of solid food!! As you can tell from his expression...he wasn't too sure about it at first!
His first few bites came right back out because he wasn't too sure about this "spoon" thing!
The entire time Cali stayed extremely close, and she licked up all the "extra" that fell on the high chair table! (Guess she learns quickly how to get extra food!)
After only a few tries Brayden started grinning ear to ear!! He LOVED it! I don't know if it was necessarily the food he loved, or if it was Cali licking him, or being up in the high chair...but he was all smiles the rest of the time!
I could tell not much food was staying in his mouth, so we went back to good ole' Mr. Bottle towards the end.
Then we tried some more eating with the spoon and Brayden laughed and just played with it! It was so cute!
The whole process took about 45 minutes, and once we were all done I placed everything in the sink. I turned back around and looked at Brayden and he was passed out asleep in his high chair!! Guess it was too much excitement for him to take!!!
So, we are obviously not quite ready for the spoon, but I thought I would try it! However, we are definitely ready for rice cereal!

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Sugar and Spice said...

Keep trying he will get it! It took Emma a while. I fed her in her bouncy seat too. That helped since she couldn't sit up that steady yet. The BUMBO seat is great for feeding too.