November 17, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This weekend Brayden and I took a weekend away with daddy. He had a soccer tournament, so we went too! Brayden played on the bed while daddy brought all our luggage in...
The highlight of his weekend was the full length mirror !!!

He looked at himself forever and just laughed and laughed!

He liked having his own bed to roll on and spit up all over too!

Between daddy's soccer games we went to all the baby outlets. I spent WAY too much money bewteen the Gymboree outlet, Gap Outlet, Polo Outlet, Carter outlet, etc....

Can you find Brayden in all the bags???
We stayed in the hotel room during daddy's soccer games because there wasn't any shade for baby. But we still had fun!

He didn't want to go to sleep, so daddy rocked him in the rolling chair.
And he slept in the pack and play for the first time over night!
We did, however, make it to daddy's championship game. We sat in the back of daddy's car so we could have some shade.

The excitement of the soccer game was more than he could handle...
But he got up in time to watch daddy get his first place trophy, and hand out medals to his team!
What a fun weekend away!!!


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Precious the full length mirror ones...too cute! What fun weekend :) Love yall!