November 22, 2009

7 Month Sweetie!

I can hardly believe it, but last week my little angel turned 7 months old. Everyone said the time would fly, but it really is. As much as I want him to stay my precious baby boy, each month is getting better and better. At 7 months Brayden is:
  • rocking on his hands and knees, which means crawling is soon to come!

  • giving me kisses at night-which is when he opens his mouth and proceeds to place it on mine and slobber all over me...priceless!

  • sitting unsupported

  • using his new car seat

  • taking 1 nap a day, usually two to three hours

  • still dealing with reflux...go away already!

  • sleeping through the night only sometimes-we are thinking a growth spurt or teething in the near future

  • eating solids twice a day

  • learning to pick up foods and put them in his mouth

  • creeping ALL over the place

  • laughing at everything

  • loves for you to blow on his tummy

  • saying mama and dada randomly-can't wait for the day when he knows what they mean!

It's just such a fun time in my life. I thank God every day for my beautiful family, and I look forward to every minute with them.


Duet Diva said...

hard to believe he is over a year...WOW!

Anonymous said...

he is so cute but you know there is alot of whackos on the web. be careful...